Tool Deals and Steals – October 24, 2019

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We’re taking a stab at answering the age-old question – once and for all – does size matter? Absolutely. The years have passed when the bigger better tool turned out to be the worse for wear. Sore shoulders, knees, and elbows fought heavy cordless tools with overweight batteries and massive, outdated equipment. Now, some of the best products on the market not only fit in the palm of your hand but have more power, require less effort and have a greater impact.

Milwaukee, M12 Fuel Surge 1/4″ Hex Hydraulic Impact Driver (2.0Ah), Kit 2551-22

This hand-held impact driver makes just about any job easier.

This little guy has a special place in the toolkit. Right alongside the crowbar and hex driver. With the torque and versatility of both, this tool makes tedious tasks a breeze – especially when you have that hard-to-reach hose clamp or an endless amount of steel siding or roofing fasteners. It’s small enough to pack around yet strong enough to get the job done. Plus, you get a 2 amp-hour battery for free, and free shipping!

$199.03, plus Free Battery ($100.00 value) and free shipping. (previously $362.00)

Promo Code: ML-SHIP Expiration: Unknown – You Snooze You Lose!

Buy Now - via Ohio Power Tool

Bosch Self-Leveling Cross-Line Laser, GLL 55

Laser precision for plumb and level.

You don’t need a giant “Laser” to take out the moon, but they sure come in handy to make sure you line up your work properly. The Bosch GLL 55 Self-Leveling Cross-Line Laser produces a bright red laser for any project where you need a plumb or level line and you are stuck working in a wonky environment. While it’s not one of the latest green lasers to the market, the GLL 55 still is plenty visible. It meets water and dust standards so it will hold up to most abuse and operates with a simple keypad. Take the guesswork out and get the job done right the first time. Throw in another laser tool and get an extra 15% off of the whole package until November 15th, 2019.

$129.00, plus 15% off with additional laser product (previously $149.00)

Expiration: November 15, 2019!

Buy Now - via Tool Nut

Milwaukee, Packout Backpack, 48-22-8301

Take your tools anywhere with this rugged pack.

All joking aside, most can agree that there’s no room for immaturity on the job site. But for the kid in you, check out the Packout Backpack from Milwaukee. This is a much better way to pack tools safely up ladders, through crawl spaces, or wherever your duty calls. Its versatile setup comes with 48 pockets, impact resistant base, tear resistant ballistic material and much more. With enough room to pack every deal in this Deals and Steals article inside, this one is hard to pass up.

$99.99 (previously $215.00)

Expiration: Unknown – You Snooze You Lose!

Buy Now - via Acme Tools

Milwaukee, Inkzall Red Paint Markers (Bulk), 48-22-3741

Make your mark on just about any surface.

What adult backpack is complete without a high-end graffiti stick? These rugged markers stand up to shop writing tasks much better than the office hacks. With multiple colors available, you can easily see on varied color surfaces of the materials you are working on – black, white, tan, whatever you want to throw at it. But the red version is at the top of the list because of the deep discount. You have to buy 12, but at least you’ll have one in every glovebox, junk drawer, shop bench, tool bag, and pocket protector.

$3.49 EA/$37.69 per dozen (previously $4.70 EA/$56.40 per dozen)

Expiration: Unknown – You Snooze You Lose!

Buy Now - via Tool Barn

AMMEX, Clear Vinyl Gloves – 4 mil Latex Free (100), VPF64100-BX

Work safe and stay clean with quality latex-free gloves

Vinyl gloves are a must-have for every shop. Whether you’re working under the car or mucking out the shower drain, good gloves become good friends. These Ammex medical clear vinyl gloves are half off the retail price, and $1.00 less than others available on Amazon. Throw some in your first aid kits, shop drawers, or tool bags. Plus, if a friend or neighbor complains about paying full retail, you can hand them a pair. When they return that tool they borrowed from you, you can tell them where to get a deal or two. Wink wink.

$4.33 (previously $7.75)

Expiration: Unknown – You Snooze You Lose!

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Crescent, Susan G Komen Breast Cancer Awareness 6 Piece Hand Tool Kit, C6SGKCC

Support an important cause with hand tools that hold up to hard work.

Last but not least: The Crescent C6SGKCC Susan G Komen Breast Cancer Awareness hand tool kit. This kit comes with tools you may already have, but with an added punch. Four diamond-tipped Crescent drivers, a Crescent utility knife, and a pink Lufkin tape measure. Why pink? Because this kit was designed to aid the Susan G. Komen organization to support breast cancer awareness and research. At less than $2 a tool, you won’t be able beat this price.

$9.99 (previously $48.97)

Expiration: Unknown – You Snooze You Lose!

Buy Now - via Acme Tools

If there are any specific brands or types of tools you’d like to see featured in future Tool Deals and Steals article, please let us know in the comments section below. And, if you stumble across a smokin’ hot tool deal we should know about, please email the link to us via our contact page.

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