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At HomeFixated, there is one unspeakable horror that we shudder to even contemplate. That horror is having your tools stolen. As you can see from their promo image shown here, Tool Guard is all about helping the typical Joe The Plumber protect his valuable tools.

Check out the video to see how Tool Guard can save your tools:

Here are some details straight form the ToolGuard web site:

The Cyclops team spent over a year designing a completely new solution to this problem. Our patent-pending alarms incorporate movement sensors like that used in the iPhone and an in-built computer that allows it to differentiate between a tilt and vibration, thus preventing false alarms.

Our TG4000 Solo is a Wireless Toolbox Alarm that can be installed under your Toolbox or Truck lid in minutes and has an ear-piercing Piezo siren that  triggers when the lid is opened. The unit is armed and disarmed by a simple remote key fob. With up to 2 years of battery life, this system is a must have for anyone who cares about their tools.

We also have ToolGuard solutions for vehicles with multiple toolboxes (TG5000) as well as a version that can integrate into your existing auto Alarm (TG6000) – Click the Products Menu to browse our range.

The batteries (3xAA) reportedly last up to two years under normal use. If I had one, I would likely burn through the batteries much faster by continually arming and disarming the device for fun. The device will even chirp three times during disarming when the battery is low, making it less annoying than smoke detectors that start chirping randomly at about 3:00 am. Installation is also a breeze with high performance 3M DXF double-sided tape so you can easily mount the unit to the lid of your toolbox or truck top. You can also temporarily attach it to someone’s chair if they have an addiction to leaning back that you want to cure quickly.

While we haven’t tested these personally, we think any device that has a reasonable chance of sparing you the indignity of tool theft is a good thing. You can pick up the Tool Guard TG-4000M Wireless Tool Box Alarm for around $80 at Amazon.

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