Tool News Nirvana – Sales, Contests, the New Milwaukee Thermal Imager, Blaklader X1600 Pant & A Hand Job

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Hello DIYers and Tool Lovers! It’s our first Tool News Nirvana of 2012, where we bring you industry news, contests and special deals that especially appeal to handy homeowners and professionals in the construction, real estate and home building business. Should you have a hot tip for us, you can contact us and give us the scoop! If it’s interesting enough, we’ll write about it (and if it’s not, it will be filed in the same folder we keep the emails from estranged relatives who forward us all-caps messages with subject lines like “PROOF THAT NOBAMA IS A TERRIRST!”). So, here’s what made the cut this time!  

Free Bosch HC Battery from Tyler Tool
Like to brag to your friends about how little money you paid for something but you’re not willing to lose all dignity by becoming an Extreme Couponer? Check out this sweet deal from our sponsor Tyler Tool: Buy a select Bosch 12v or 18v cordless tool and get a Free HC battery. We had a chance to test out Bosch’s latest generation of batteries at a media event last year, and here around the house and they perform fantabulously.  Also, in case you have other tools on your shopping list and are looking to stretch your tool-buying dollar, but sure to vist our Tyler Tool Coupon and Discounts page. Don’t worry, we won’t label you as an Extreme Couponer, unless of course you consider that name a badge of honor (which many do these days).

O’Keeffe’s Company Has a Hand Job For You (wait, that didn’t come out right …)

Remember when David Duchovny played a famous hand model in Zoolander? Sorta? Here’s the clip:

Well, the O’Keeffe’s Company wants the exact opposite of that guy for their latest contest; they’d like to see people who have been putting their hands to work – dirty, grimy, doing-stuff work. O’Keeffe’s has just launched their search for the Hardest Working Hands in America – and they could be attached to you! Here’s what they had to say:

Now through March 31, 2012, O’Keeffe’s is looking for a pair of hands that best represents the sweat and determination of proud, hardworking men and women as part of the “Hardest Working Hands in America” contest. Spread the word or nominate a friend because the grand prize winner will receive $5,000, a lifetime supply of O’Keeffe’s Working Hands moisturizing cream, and potentially be featured in a national advertisement for the brand.

And after that fame and glory, we wouldn’t blame you for putting your discovered digits in a hyperbaric chamber.

Check out O’Keeffe’s contest (and all the rules) here.

Now on the Wish List of Professionals & Die-hard Predator Fans: Milwaukee’s Thermal Imager
Straight up, we will say that this latest product is mainly going to appeal to those of you who are construction and home trades professionals. Correction: It will appeal to anyone who loves a cool gadget, but seeing as the price tag for it is $2500, it may be hard for the average DIY-minded homeowner to justify, even though it is totally neato. So what is this not-so-cheap toy? It’s Milwaukee’s Thermal Imager.

Tradespeople can use this baby to inspect areas for heat loss, leaks, missing insulation, or even faulty electrical, mechanical or moisture systems by pointing it at anything from vents to roofs, pipes to pumps, and walls to floors and letting the thermal imager tell the story. Powered by Milwaukee’s fast-charging M12™ REDLITHIUM™ Battery, the thermal imager captures 160×120 pixel, high resolution thermal images and the broadest temperature range in its class (-10° to 350°C/ 14° to 662°F). Professionals will also enjoy that the tool comes with a Thermal Imager Report Software that makes analyzing images and generating reports quick and easy; users can download images from the Thermal Imager with the included 2GB SD card or USB connection port.

Marc liked this thing so much he almost stole one at a Milwaukee media event last year. Unfortunately, security was just too tight. If you do buy the Milwaukee Thermal Imager, please promise me one thing: You’ll practice this every day until you can do it perfectly while using the cool tool:

Rockler’s Free Shipping On Orders Over $75 Sale Ends Shortly!

Our sponsor Rockler wants you to get your favorite woodworking goodies sent to you free (assuming you spend over $75 and order by tomorrow, Saturday, the 28th). There’s not much time left, so get on it today! Also, be sure to check out some great Rockler Coupon and Deal mentions, whether or not you order before the shipping sale.

Hard-core X1600 Work Pants
New from the people who brought you the Work Kilt (for real), is the latest in protective work pants: The X1600. Made with construction and masonry workers and contractors in mind, Blaklader’s latest legwear features “abrasion-resistant reinforcements, enhanced kneepads pockets and adjustable ankle cuffs to increase productivity and reduce injury among all types of concrete contractors.” You could probably also play volleyball in them. The pants are made with 13-ounce cotton and high-wear areas like the knees and pockets are made with Cordura® which is guaranteed to be ten times more durable than denim. In other words, if you were trying to bring back the grunge look with pants filled with rips and tears, you won’t have much luck with these, Chris Cornell. The X1600 pants also come with all the things you expect from work clothes, like plenty of pockets, tool loops, and a sense of rugged manliness when you put them on.

We Continue To Bribe You For Comments

We love hearing from readers and we’re not ashamed to coax you into leaving comments with the promise of prizes. This month’s reader prize is a pair of Keen utility boots (or shoes – we give you a choice!). These toe-protecting tootsy wrappers are a favorite of ours because they’re comfortable, they keep our feet safe, and, my, don’t they look snappy! If you’d like a chance to strut around in a new pair of Keen’s, leave a comment (preferably something that will get our attention) on any Homefixated article this month, or subscribe to our awesome weekly emails, and you’ll be eligible to win. Good luck!

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2 thoughts on “Tool News Nirvana – Sales, Contests, the New Milwaukee Thermal Imager, Blaklader X1600 Pant & A Hand Job”

  1. i’m reasonably certain that utilikilts ( brought about the work kilt well before blaklader (i’ve had mine since ’02) but i could be wrong.

  2. I have used blaklader pants for a couple years now and NEVER wear a pair of jeans anymore; hateed tool sticking me and knees hurting. The Blaklader pants solve both problems, and they last forever. I’ve even had other contractors stop me and ask about them. If the standard Blaklader pants are the F150 in their line, the 1600’s I just received are the fully loaded F150. I hardly wear a tool belt any longer or if I do it might just be for a drill. Thank you Blaklader!



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