Gorilla Tape With Mossy Oak Camouflage

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As you may know, perhaps my favorite home construction product is duct tape. I have my preferential brands and types depending on use. So you can imagine my joy when in the mail I found a package with my name on it, full of several rolls of Mossy Oak® camouflage Gorilla Tape®. It really was almost like Christmas had come early this year! The timing couldn’t have been more perfect, since the rolls arrived just prior to shotgun season here in Delaware.  I mean sometimes the stars just align. 

Gorilla Tape tough & wide

Gorilla Tape Is Hair-Removingly Strong

But before I get into how awesome the tape is – and yes it is awesome – let’s just breeze through the specifics first. Gorilla Tape® is twice as thick as regular duct tape with two to three times as much adhesive. This I can attest to, as I again lost some hair working with it, although not on purpose – and I lost some paint off my work bench when the Gorilla Tape® came into contact with it. The outer shell, which is camo if you didn’t know already, is UV and water resistant which means it lasts longer outside in the elements. The fabric of the Mossy Oak® camouflage backing is woven tightly to increase the tensile strength, which makes it just a little harder to tear, which prompted me to cut it during my ‘little project.’ It comes in 12 yd rolls, 30 yd rolls and a big and tall version, or as they call it; tough and wide. That’s some serious width.  Maybe if they had had a couple of rolls on board the Titanic, it wouldn’t have sunk.

Here’s What I Think of Duct Tape –  Super Cool

Now that we have the technical brouhaha all finished, I’ll let you know what I really think: It’s really super cool. I can’t speak enough about how well it sticks, and consequently how difficult it is to peel off the roll to use. As I mentioned before, it is a bit more difficult to tear, and since I used a lot of pieces in my project I had to use scissors. And while some of you out there may think I have sissy arms, and I might very well have, I’ll tell you if you rip enough strands repeatedly, you’ll be a good bet to win the next telephone ripping contest that comes up. Also since it is camouflaged and therefore has some hunting applications, it has a matte finish that won’t reflect and give a hunter away.  Pretty smart.

The fall show pose

Fashion Use of Gorilla Tape – A Hunting Vest

So without further ado I present to you this year’s Mossy Oak® camouflaged Gorilla Tape® fall hunting lineup. A festive vest starts the ensemble off. As you can see, there is some typical duct tape as a reflective safety measure (plus an orange strip around the bottom of the vest). Next we have a shoulder-slung bandolier with the potential to hold 20 rounds, and a rifle/shotgun sling with braided ends. Outside of camouflaged backpack, all your seasonal hunting needs are provided. Pretty sweet. Yeah, I know, I look like I just walked out of a holler somewhere in West Virginia.

A 35-yard roll of 2″Gorilla tape goes for about $9 at Amazon.

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