Tool News Nirvana – April 3, 2020

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Springtime! While this hasn’t been our typical introduction to Spring, the days are still getting longer, as is the list of unfinished projects around the house. Here at Home Fixated, we’re getting especially excited about all of the new yard tools that will be launched soon. As a matter of fact, we’ll learn about a new one from WORX in this installment of Tool News Nirvana. We’ll also learn about two new lines of power tool accessories from Makita, a new impact wrench from Milwaukee, and new chargers from DeWalt.

Max-Efficiency Blades From Makita

MAKITA Max-Efficiency Blades
MAKITA Max-Efficiency Blades: The Best A (Handy)Man Can Get

In our experience, sometimes a tool is only as good as the bit, blade, or disc that it’s used with. For example, the best drywall screwgun is almost worthless if it isn’t able to transfer power effectively to the screw via the screwdriving but. Makita realized this, and designed a new line of blades specifically for cordless tools. Featuring ultra-thin kerfs, reduced swing widths, and slimmer tip bottoms, these blades help your new cordless tools perform optimally. They’re available now.

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Milwaukee’s New Right-Angle Impact Wrench

Milwaukee 2564
Milwaukee Right-Angle Impact Wrenches: Full Power Even In Confined Spaces

We have to hand it to Milwaukee here, they’re certainly solving some unique problems. Their new M12 cordless right-angle impact wrenches are not only more convenient than pneumatic or corded tools – they’re also more powerful. Available in either 3/8” or ½” square drive, this platform can generate up to 220 ft-lbs of torque. Look for them to launch soon.

More Info - via Milwaukee

New Charging Solutions From DeWalt

DCB1112: Charges Batteries Faster Than You Can Find An Excuse For Not Having Charged Batteries

DeWalt is attempting to address one of the core issues with cordless tools – the battery itself. If the user doesn’t plan well enough, they might end up with a dead battery and have to waste time waiting for it to charge. That’s never, ever happened to us at Home Fixated though, because we’re battery experts here. Luckily, DeWalt is rolling out two new battery chargers, which are more powerful for faster charge times. The 12-Amp model can charge a FlexVolt battery to 80% capacity in under 45 minutes. The 6-Amp model can charge a 20V battery to 80% capacity in under 45 minutes. They’ll be available later this spring.

More Info - via DeWalt

Got Thatch? WORX Has Your Solution

WORX Dethatcher
WORX Dethatcher: Let Your Lawn Breathe!

Is your lawn consistently unhealthy looking, despite watering and fertilizing at recommended intervals? Perhaps the problem isn’t your top-secret blend of 50 different lawn nutrients. Perhaps the problem is thatch – that layer of dead grass that forms in the strata of your lawn over time. There are a few solutions available for dethatching, including hand rakes and gasoline-powered machines. WORX launched the WG850 though, which is an electric dethatcher. It promises to make the process easier, cleaner, and quieter. Look for it in stores now.

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Impact XPS Bits and Accessories From Makita

Makita XPS
Makita XPS Bits – So Precise That They’ll Make You Feel Like A Better Worker

Circling back to the first article in this edition of TNN – an impact wrench is only as good as the bit between it and the fastener. Makita has launched Impact XPS, which it considers to be the best line of fastening accessories currently available. Included in this group of products are power bits, insert bits, bit holders, nutsetters, and socket adapters. Featuring a proprietary carbon alloy steel blend, pulse torsion rings, and precision-engineered bit fitment, Makita claims that these bits will last up to 90x longer than standard bits. They’re available from various retailers now.

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