Tool News Nirvana – May 24, 2020

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In past years, the month of May has typically been well-packed with home & garden tradeshows around the nation. These kinds of shows were usually very helpful in learning about new tools, products, and techniques – as well as giving showgoers some inspiration to take home. This year, unfortunately, many of those events have been either postponed or canceled outright. Not to worry, though, Tool News Nirvana is here to try and fill in a few of the gaps. This week, we’ll hear about two new tools from Milwaukee, a new line from Klein, and new offerings from Ryobi and ISOtunes. Let’s get started.

Milwaukee’s New Framing Nailer

Milwaukee 2745 – Quickest Draw In The OK Corral

The 2745 30 degree framing nailer is a new addition to Milwaukee’s rapidly expanding M18 FUEL™ lineup of cordless tools. Featuring a nitrogen spring mechanism and a POWERSTATE™ brushless motor, the new nailer promises pneumatic levels of performance at cordless levels of convenience. It can drive full round-head nails into engineered timber, and can do so at a blazingly fast 3 nails per second. With speed like that, this tool could win you an old-timey cowboy quickdraw challenge in the morning, then frame you a whole roof in the afternoon.

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Milwaukee Cordless Compressor

Milwaukee 2840 – Quiet Enough To Be A Dinner Guest

In a second new addition to their “1001 ways to drive a nail” category, Milwaukee has released the #2840 cordless air compressor. Similar to the above framing nailer, this tool is also on the M18 FUEL™ battery platform. With a capacity of 2 gallons at 135 PSI, this would be an ideal tool for trim jobs. From an ergonomic perspective, it weighs less than 32 pounds and runs at 68 dBA. For comparison – 68 dBA is about the volume of a normal conversation (except if you’re from a family of loud-talkers), so this tool is about as unobtrusive as it gets. It’s available now.

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Klein Wants You To Be Cool

Klein 60182: Keep a cool head.

That title is kind of irrelevant for you, though, since you’re already incredibly cool, right? Nonetheless, Klein is launching a nice looking lineup of cooling products. The do-rags, headbands, helmet liners, and towels are constructed from specialized performance fabrics that wick away sweat and actively cool body temperature. This is good timing for a launch like this – just before the real heat of the summer hits. They’re available now.

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Ryobi’s Updated Stick Vac

Ryobi p7181k – You’ve created a mess! Ryobi can help you sort it out.

Ryobi has one of the largest collections of 18V tools on the market, and this newly updated P7181K cordless stick vacuum fits in as well as ever. The original model was released a few years ago, but this new model includes a much quicker rapid charger. We know that you’re an absolute fiend for vacuuming, and this upgraded charger allows for a blazingly fast charge cycle so you can get back to it sooner! It also features a brushless motor, easy dust emptying, and a roller ball for maneuverability. Look for it now.

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Protect Your Hearing With ISOtunes

ISOtunes Free – Get jiggy with your tunes while getting jiggy in the workshop.

In our last piece of news for this post, a line of well-thought-out hearing protection from ISOtunes. To be fair, these aren’t exactly “brand new”, per se, but they are exciting. While in-ear earbuds like Apple Airpods are great for use in everyday life, they don’t do an exemplary job of protecting hearing in loud environments. ISOtunes has set out to fix this issue by introducing earbuds that also protect your hearing. The “Free” model is a true bluetooth, wireless solution that has a noise reduction rating of 22 dBA. A full charge will last for 7+ hours, and they have active noise-cancellation technology in case you need to take a call. They’re available directly from ISOtunes.

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