Trailer Trash Ingenuity – Jethro’s Own Hot Tub

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After a long day of working at the Kentucky Fried Chicken processing plant or on the road crew, you just want to unwind with a little hot tub action. But what’s a guy to do when you don’t have the finances to get a proper soaker? Well, golllleee! Y’all just need a plastic blow-up pool, some tubes, some duct tape, a garbage can, an ignition source, and a name like ‘Jethro’ and you’re in business!

Thanks to “There I Fixed It” on, we now know how the other half lives … and probably dies. File this one under “Don’t Try This at Home – Or Anywhere Else”.  Here we have a man that has DIY’d himself a hot tub by connecting a flaming garbage can to a plastic pool – and has added a nice cardboard sign to sign off his handy work. For the life of me, I can’t write this blog post without the voice of Cletus the Slack-Jawed Yokel from The Simpsons creeping into my brain.

“Hey, Brandine! I gots us a hot tub! After they get back from buyin’ our cigarettes, send the kin to stay with Memaw for the night!”

I give Jethro an A+ for effort. Really. But I have a funny feeling that hot tub is not up to code. Mike Holmes probably wouldn’t approve. Small children would probably point and say, “wow, that is DANGEROUS.” I wouldn’t want to be anywhere on the block when someone tips that flaming garbage can over and the plastic melts all over some poor shirtless sap. Forget skin grafts, you’d need a Hot Tub Time Machine to undo that.

As much as we like DIY here, there are some things that just shouldn’t be Y’d or DI’d … especially when the solution you’ve come up with involves an open flame. In a garbage can. Connected to plastic. So buckle down, save your pennies, and get a real portable hot tuby’all!

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