Soft Sanders – An Easier Way to Exfoliate

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As you may have seen in my previous article on T-Rex Duct Tape, I am a special kind of guy that needs special ‘tools’ for a very specific health and beauty regimen. With that said, I think I finally found a tool for those hard to reach spaces when I need to exfoliate. Soft Sanders by Style-Line Corporation take sponge-style sanders to the next level.   

Unlike traditional sponge sanders that are hard sponges covered in grit; Soft Sanders are soft conforming sponges that receive sandpaper strips.  However unlike typical sandpaper, the Soft Sander’s accompanying Super Flex® sandpaper has an adhesive back.  This adhesion factor helps the keep the sandpaper on the sponge but also helps hold the sponge in whatever conformed shape you want.

The sponges come in several different lengths and shapes including rectangular, oval, conical and so on.  Not only do you have shape options, but also a wide variety of grits to select from. Anywhere from 40 grit for that deep tissue rub to 2500 grit wet/dry facial shine to cover all your needs.  For a better idea of how the sander takes and holds shape take a look at the video below (just give them a break, they are not a multimedia company, just a sander manufacturer):

They have sanders for all major styles of finishing from auto to wood to home improvement sanding, and can be used wet or dry.  Another pretty cool sanding set that they make is called the Style Styx and comes in six different styles, color-coded for different makes of cars. Green for Ford, Blue for Chrysler, and Pink for Cadillac (just kidding). Now to be honest I don’t even wash my car let alone worry about its body work, however, looking at the brochure for the Style Styx and noticing the detail that they have put into the curves of these sanders, I must admit I’m impressed.

So, whether you’re customizing that hot rod or refinishing that old table, Soft Sanders have a shape and grit for you. Check out the Soft Sander website or find a Soft Sanders Set on Amazon for just under $30.

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