The Trex CustomCurve Heating and Bending Solution

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Trex-Custom CurveHere’s a little ditty if you’re a professional deck builder. Not to say that a DIYer couldn’t own   one but you’d need to be filthy rich or pound-stupid to let it sleep in your garage. Renting one might be best for the person who wants the pleasure of bending wood for a one-shot job.

It’s named the Trex CustomCurve Heating and Bending Solution. For those who want a deck that’s more Fonzie than Chachi, this device will not jump the shark. Building a deck made from composites? You really need to check-out this unit.

What you get with the Trex CustomCurve Heating and Bending Solution is an air-controlled furnace to heat the composite material, a table that allows you to bend and shape the stuff and accessories to keep the curve before you hammer or bolt the material in place.

The stove is powered by propane. You can shape around 15 planks on a tank of fuel. There’s a thermostat to give you the exact temperature to tweak the composite’s sweet spot. The fan keeps the heat regular and uniform.

It works best on Trex composites, but that doesn’t mean you can’t try to curve another brand. You’ll just need to find-out how warm the different materials need to be to bend them. We know it takes 250-degrees for Trex Transcend. Trex will no doubt tell you other brands will melt, spontaneously combust or explode if you attempt to us a non-Trex brand, and they might, so attempt to bend non-Trex products at your own risk. Takes around 45-minutes per piece to reach optimum benditude for Trex Transcend.

How To Curve Trex Video

Post Heating
Once you roll the optimized composite out of the heater, take it to the bending table, clamp it into place and begin your pre-measured shaping. There are anchors on said table to give you the flexibility of almost any curve you need. The only exception: If you’re trying to incorporate a Mobius strip design, you’ll need to perform this task in another dimension.

You can cool the composite by simply letting it sit in place. That will take about 60-minutes. Going faster with that process only needs a cool spray from your garden hose.

Do you have a whole crew working on this project? During an 8-hour period you might be able to modify around 20 planks. If you’re all alone, cut the productivity in half – say 10 planks a day.

Nitty Gritty
When you decide to shop for a Trex CustomCurve Heating and Bending Solution this is what you’re looking at when carting the whole schmear home.

  • A bending table which will keep things accurate through precisemeasurement.
  • Clamps to hold the hot composite in place.
  • A heater that’s around 11-feet long.
  • That means the furnace will swallow boards at least 8-feet long.
  • That heater is a back-straining 350-pounds or so.
  • At 70-degrees, the propane will burn for around 6-hours.
  • The unit requires a standard AC outlet that can accommodate 15-amps.

Decks make the house. Curved decks make the house as interesting on the outside as the stuffed shark hanging about the mantle in the living room. The Trex CustomCurve Heating and Bending Solution makes composite bending “Exactamundo,” as Arthur Fonzarelli would say just before popping you in the puss for calling him his Christian name. If you’re a decking pro, or a homeowner in the Romney tax bracket, you can pickup the Trex Custom Curve for around $8,000.

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4 thoughts on “The Trex CustomCurve Heating and Bending Solution”

  1. I have spent an endless amount of time looking for a place that rents these heaters/ovens to no avail.
    Do you have any recommendations as to who has these for rent in the St.Paul area of Minnesota or who would be closest to me.

      • Hi Megan,
        Where are you located and do you rent the oven or do you bend the boards for customers?
        Please contact me and let me know the how, when and where your rental works.
        Todd Strot
        612 221-1860


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