For Urinformation: Urine Off Floor and Upholstery Cleaner

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urine_off_600Remember when you were in college and you and your roommates found a “perfectly good” couch on the side of the street? Remember how you giddily loaded it up into a friend’s vehicle and couldn’t wait to get it home? Remember the moment you realized exactly why someone would throw it out? Remember that great bonfire you had that night in the backyard?

Cat, dog, ferret and frat boy urine used to mean an instant farewell to your upholstered furniture and a lifetime of band-aid solutions for your carpets and hardwood. Well, thanks to Urine Off, urineluck! Whatever the urine-related issue, they have a solution. You could say they have a “PeehD” in tackling matters of the expelled bladder (Oh man, I could go on all day with the puns on this one).

Just pick your product, spray it on the stain and wait for the magic to happen. It’s free of alcohol, peroxide and bleaching agents, works on old or new stains, is effective on hardwood floors, grout, fabric and upholstery, tile and carpeting and is safe to use around pets and people. The product is also apparently quite effective on other biological stains, although there’s been no word yet on how useful it is against Paris Hilton.

You can purchase a variety of Urine Off products in sizes as small as a spray bottle ($11.99) to as large as a 5-Gallon container ($139.90) that comes complete with spout (sort of like a very large ‘box-o-wine’ … not that I have any familiarity with that. Ahem). I would venture to say, though, that if the 5-Gallon kegger of Urine Off is in your future, there are probably more problems in your life than urine stains.

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