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I’m a sucker for period pieces. Jane Austen films? I own them all. Mad Men? I’m obsessed. Happy Days? Aaayyyyy. (That’s my Fonze impression.) It should therefore be no surprise that I’m all over HBO’s Boardwalk Empire, a show set in Atlantic City during the prohibition era. It’s a semi-fictionalized glance into the world of the speakeasy, “classic” mobsters, and flapper dresses. The second season has recently started and we’re again treated to the show’s most enticing eye candy of all: Steve Buscemi sets decorated to exacting detail with the look of the time – the transitional period between art nouveau and art deco. If you oggle the fixtures during the show and ask yourself, “why don’t they make beautiful things like that anymore?” I’ve got a website you’re going to love.

Vintage Lighting and Fan Shoppe is an online treasure trove of pre-1940 pendant lights, sconces, fans, and lighting fixtures. These exquisite originals (many of which have been cleaned up, refurbished or restored, and touched up with paint) are predominately from the 1910s, 1920s and 1930s but look and operate like new. All of the goodies they sell have been rewired to modern standards, so you need not be afraid of burning down your home if you install any of these in your house (isn’t that nice?).

A short spin around the site and you’ll quickly find plenty of lamps and lights that would have been around to illuminate the pasty skin of the real Nucky Thompson. Some of my favourites from the Vintage Lighting and Fan Shoppe include the Batwing Chandeliers, the exquisitely hand-painted “Lincoln Marietta” Ceiling Lamp, and the cast aluminium “Isco” single bulb light. They are so not IKEA.

The only reproductions on the website are the bulbs themselves, which are big, round, pearlescent, and unlike the originals – no longer a safety hazard (how thoughtful!).

The prices for these little works of art and history vary, but they’re not for the cash strapped. Some of my favourites on the site are around the $1500 mark, chump change for ol’ Nucky – a tough decision for the most of us. Do check out Vintage Lighting and Fan Shoppe and let us know which pieces are your picks.

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