Anger Your Significant Other with this Elegant Table Vase

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elegant-vaseI’m a pretty much your average gal. I like gifts and flowers and surprises and cute stuff for my house. I can get on board with an elegant table vase, even though most people would not describe me as particularly elegant.  But, I can promise you this: If the mister EVER pulls a stunt like this? Let’s just say, “something” is gonna be in a vice.  

Pine Solutions, a UK based, online furniture retailer, has a wide selection of furniture and products for the home and office. Their website also offers tips for home decorating, most of which are quite handy, (emphasis on the word “most”.) This gem of an idea though? Dear readers, judge for yourself.

Oh. My. God.
Presenting the elegant table vase:  Yup – you’re seeing it right folks. How psyched will your wife be when you drill a hole into the dining table and rig this baby up?!? The original article suggests to “…get permission first.” Ya’ think? The tastefully “hidden” mason jar really completes the look, no? I imagine the use of an even larger drill bit could create a hole having the capacity to accommodate an entire bouquet.

You could really take this idea to the next level. Scenario: You’re hosting thanksgiving dinner, but how to impress the in-laws? Eureka! Grab your jigsaw and ream out a gaping cavity big enough to accommodate a 5-gallon bucket, or better yet, a whiskey barrel. See where I’m going with this? That’s right – a veritable cornucopia bursting right out of the center of the table! Cram the bucket full of dirt and plant a corn stalk or two, beans and tomatoes, a bunch of carrots and a squash, complete with vine strategically intertwined among the place settings. Can’t you just envision the looks of quiet disgust admiration?!

Seriously guys, don’t do this. The wife will appreciate it more if you just stick a couple flowers in a beer can and call that a vase. Leave the dining table intact. But the project does make sure some artful pictures.

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Liz is a professional, custom picture framer based in Central New York. She and her contractor husband are currently renovating their second home together. At the time of this writing, they are not on speaking terms. Her love of making stuff with wood and DIY home projects began by watching her Dad. (It was also around this time Liz's incessant use of "colorful language" took root.) She's an avid gardener, stellar cook and doesn't throw like a girl: an all-around rad chick.

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1 thought on “Anger Your Significant Other with this Elegant Table Vase”

  1. Sure looks pedestrian anyway without a tablecloth draped over the edge to hide the vessel…. is this why there is all the effort channeled into building outdoor BBQ cabinets – get the tools and implements of destruction out of the house?


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