The Whizz Paint Roller – Do Not Google the Whizzinator

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If you were wondering about the whizzinator; is a fake male… woo hoo… that is filled with clean…. wee wee… so that some people can pass certain tests without showing that they partook in using any… wacky backy… 

Now that I’ve covered the most important part of this article, you may remember in a previous post I mentioned using the Whizz paint roller as a way of helping cut in around trim and in corners. Well it just so happened that a few weeks after writing that post, I used one to paint my grandmother’s dining room.  And thought I’d give you some more information on this handy tool. 

Before I begin, it is almost unfair to say that any one tool made the room in question look better.  Before painting the room it looked like the highway line painter took a detour thorough my grandmother’s living room and did donuts with all their sprayers on full tilt. The room could have been painted with a paint ball gun and a three year old and still turned out better than it did.

With that caveat out of the way, I loved using the Whizz because becuase becuase, because of all the wonder things it does.

The Whizz works just like any roller with its own roller cage and threaded end to attach to a paint poll or broom handle. There are a couple of nice characteristics that the edging roller I used has. First, it is 4 inches wide which cuts-in walls and around trim wonderfully. Second, it has the same nap size as typical wall rollers (3/8 inch). A matching nap means there is no or very little transition between cut-in areas and rolled areas. Finally it has nap on the outside edge of the roller which means you can roll corners too.

The Whizz probably cut my painting time down by half which meant more time drinking coffee and watching “True Grit” with my grandma; you gotta love Rooster Cogburn. Anyway, the only down side that I ran into was when I first started rolling after getting more paint. The Whizz has a tendency to slide before it starts to roll. That can leave a pretty obvious smear mark if you look. However, if you work the roller back and forth (and apply less pressure) it rolls and rolls well. Just remember to re-roll where you started to avoid any embarrassing smear marks. So, for your next painting project check out the Whizz Roller System, (not the whizzinator).

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