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How good are you at eye-balling the middle of a plank of wood? How well can you create a right angle without the use of a draft ruler? The lopsidedness of your projects and home might already reveal all that, but we found an online game from Rockler that lets you test these woodworking skills in a fun, non-project-ruining way.

The Rockler Woodworking Skills Challenge is an online game that tasks you with finding the proper angles and centers of objects and lines. It’s a timed game that measures your accuracy of each woodworking-related task.

I’ll admit, as someone who upon completing senior high school math happily announced, “See ya never, math!” the first challenge of creating a parallelogram forced me to search my memory bank long and hard for what a parallelogram was. But once I did that (ok, fine, once I Googled it), I was able to play Rockler’s game with ease – eventually challenging myself to get better and better scores.

The game might be a wake-up call for some as to just how bad their eye-balling skills are (and why you might want to invest in a good ruler and other measuring tools), and for others, it’s simply a chance to feel superior over people who waste their time playing Farmville.

We think you should give the Rockler Woodworking Skills Challenge a go and let us know how you score!

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