World of Concrete 2014

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No, this is not an article decrying the ubiquity of concrete in our urban and suburban world. On the contrary, it’s actually our coverage of the 2014 World of Concrete trade show. Like many proper trade shows, this one takes place in Las Vegas. This is my first time personally attending and covering World of Concrete, although HomeFixated did cover World of Concrete 2013. In the interests of disclosure, it’s worth noting that Bosch is holding their 2014 media event at WOC, and they invited me to attend the show and media event. Someone once told me, “Don’t hang on to things that leave you, and don’t refuse things that come to you”, so in that spirit I happily accepted the invitation. (FYI, the wisdom of not refusing things doesn’t apply to situations like getting solicited by the many “friendly” ladies that can be found in Vegas – especially if you’re a married tool publication editor). Anyway, if you see a disproportionate percentage of Bosch action in our coverage, it’s because we’ll be spending extra time with them at the show and during their media event.


I covered both the Bosch event and the show live on Twitter Tuesday afternoon/evening and all day Wednesday. As is my usual policy in Vegas, I take no responsibility for any tweets between 6pm and 6am. Thankfully, I made it through a post-show bourbon tasting and after-festivities without being tempted by the seductive lure of my Twitter app, nor by how funny my potential tweets might have seemed at the time, nor by how incriminating and hilarious the photos I captured of undisclosed tool professionals were.

Even if you missed the live coverage, be sure to follow HomeFixated on Twitter to catch our next event coverage, as well as daily tweets about the latest tools, news and tool/construction info you don’t want to miss. If you’re not hip to Twitter, fear not! You’ll find our coverage detailed below, no specialty Twitter knowledge needed. You’ll also see more detailed coverage of hot Bosch news and products along with my World of Concrete discoveries via fastidiously-crafted written content and possibly a video or two on HomeFixated in the coming months, and possibly years, depending upon how slow we are to publish. Read on for photos and our usual flavor of snarky commentary with our live Twitter coverage summary below!

World of Concrete / Bosch Media Event 2014 – Las Vegas

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