News Nirvana – Rockler’s Nordy’s, Bosch Miter Saw and Dust extraction System, Milwaukee Inkzall & Our Rockwell Saw Giveaway

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Hello tool lovers and welcome to another fine edition of News Nirvana, where we showcase the newest tools and materials plus giveaway free stuff any home improvement hero is sure to love. In this edition, we bring to you the new Milwaukee Inkzall, two cool tools from Bosch – a new 8-inch sliding compound miter saw and a new dust extraction system, plus free goodies from Rockler Tools and Hardware and Homefixated! So pull off your tool belt, put down your saw and pull up a chair – it’s time for another News Nirvana!

Milwaukee Inkzall

Perfect for marking, layout and graffiti in the Port-O-John
Perfect for marking, layout and graffiti in the Port-O-John

Throw out your old magic markers, crayons and pencils – Milwaukee introduces its new line of jobsite markers. These new markers feature clog-resistant tips, fast drying ink and there’s even a clip to fasten the marker to your hard hat. There are both a medium point tip marker for general use and a fine point tip that’s great for marking materials more accurately. There’s even a clever double-sided version that has a marker for writing on one side and a stylus for your touchscreen device on the other. The stylus can come in handy when your touch finger is covered with a glove.

“Most professionals have a permanent marker with them at all times, but the options available today were simply not designed for the materials and rough conditions on a jobsite,” says Bobby Shaw, Group Product Manager for Milwaukee Tool Corporation. “The number one complaint is that competitive marker tips do not keep their shape and easily “mushroom”.” We have to agree, nothing is worse than having a mushroom-shaped tip to try and accurately mark with. Look for these cool new markers from Milwaukee coming this February.

Bosch 8-Inch Sliding Compound Miter Saw and Dust Extraction System

Chop Suey without the Weight
Chop Suey without the Weight

What’s more annoying than having to lug around heavy tools from jobsite to jobsite? OK, if Fran Drescher was complaining about doing it, then maybe that would be more annoying. Bosch comes to the rescue with the new lightweight CM8S 8-inch single bevel sliding compound miter saw. Weighing in at around 37 pounds, it’s billed as the ultimate in portability and convenience. Worried about cutting big stock? No need to fret, the CM8S can cut 12-1/4 –inches at 0 degrees , 8-inches at 45 degrees, 2-3/4 –inches for upright base and 3-1/2 –inches for crown.

This tool sucks so cleanup doesn't blow
This tool sucks so cleanup doesn’t blow

Dust and dirt won’t stand a chance in your workshop or on the jobsite when you’ve got the new VAC090 9-gallon or VAC140 14-gallon vacuum from Bosch. With a “best-in-class” CFM rate, automated on-board filter cleaning and compatibility with their famed Click & Go system, you can be sure that you won’t make a mess even when you’re cutting concrete indoors. Bosch seems to be taking a few cues from Festool with their organizer integration, but we don’t think that’s a bad thing by any stretch.

You can find the Bosch CM8S at a retailer near you for around $469 and includes a blade wrench, dust bag and 48T blade. The Bosch VAC090 and VAC140 will be available this February and retails from $549 to $669 respectively. Visit Bosch online at for more information about these new tools and all of their great tools too.

Rockler’s Nordy’s and Free Stuff

You might win big time, plus "The Nordy's" is fun to say.
You might win big time, plus “The Nordy’s” is fun to say.

Rockler Tools is proud to announce the 2nd annual Nordy’s Woodworking Video Contest, or as everyone else likes to call it “The Nordy’s”. Each year, the contest has a theme, and this year’s theme is “Inspire the Future Generation of Woodworkers”. All you have to do is make a video that inspires young woodworkers, upload your two minute or less video to the Rockler Website found here and you could win big.

Prizes will be chosen from two categories, the academy choice (the hired judges) and the people’s choice (the interweb people). For the academy awards, first place includes an HPL Router Table (with Fence, Stand, and Plate A), Standard Accessory Kit, Router Table Casters (4-Pack), Ready2Rout Table Fence and Porter Cable 690LR Router. Second place receives an Excelsior Mini Lathe, 3-Piece Carbide Mini Turning Tool Set, and 3-Piece Carbide Pen Turning Tool Set.

For the people’s choice awards, first place gets you Mixing Mate Paint Lids (both Gallon and Quart size), Way to Woodwork Finishing DVD, Bench Cookie Plus Work Grippers (4-Pack), Bench Cookie Cones (4-Pack), Bench Cookie Bridges (4-Pack), Premium Finishing Brushes (10-Pack), and HVLP Sprayer. Second place prize includes a Glue Application Master Set, Glue Paddles (3-pc. Set), Double Edge Scraper, and Titebond III Wood Glue (Quart). So what are you waiting for? Let your inner child be filmed today and you might win some really cool stuff tomorrow. Find out more at the

HomeFixated Monthly Giveaway

Free stuff for your comments
Free stuff for your comments or newsletter subscription

Each month, your comments on could earn you more than just clever troll retorts like “Your Mom.” Instead, you could win a free tool! Just read one of our fine articles, post your comment below the end of the article, and you’re automatically entered into our monthly drawing for a free tool. Cat got your tongue? That’s ok too, just subscribe to Homefixated today and you’re also entered in the monthly drawing. Subscribing brings the added benefit of never missing another great (or horrible) article from HomeFixated – subscribers get a summary and links to recent content emailed to them each week!

This month’s free tool: the Rockwell 4-1/4 inch Compact Circular Saw. You can check out the review we did on this cool tool to learn more about this powerful portable cutting tool that’s valued around $130.  Learn more about our monthly prizes, see past winners and get your lawyer on and review the terms and conditions on our Free Stuff and Freebies page found here.

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