Klein vs Milwaukee vs Channellock – The Ultimate Tool Showdown


It’s not often that we pitt a major tool brand against another. It’s even more rare that we setup a virtual tool cage fight. Sometimes though, we get tired of talking about individual tools on their own merits. Sometimes, we need to declare a single, glorious winner. One tool, to rise above all the others. We spared no expense in bringing this review to you. Over a year of grueling field research, relentless hands-on tool testing, detailed technical analysis, and extensive focus group interviews (we mostly ignored the focus groups), all come together for your benefit. If you’ve ever wondered who makes the best tool between Klein, Milwaukee and Channellock, this review and video are for you. Read on to find out who was the last brand standing in this epic tool test where only one is crowned king.


Just some of the arduous tool testing we endured for this article

There is a single tool without which only a handful can survive: the bottle opener. After a long, hard day of dirty demolition, heavy hammering, crazed construction and several other instances of alluring alliteration, a frosty beer isn’t just thirst quenching. Nay, a frosty beer is the universe’s way of saying “job well done sir/maam!” It’s a karmic liquid reward for every single bead of sweat lost in a tough day’s work. Or, sometimes it’s just nice to have a beer with dinner. The problem is, most great beers come in bottles (although that’s changing. . . expect to see more great beers in cans soon). In the meantime, we need a tool to get those bottles open.

Sure, you could use your teeth. Or, even use one beer bottle to open another bottle. However, if you’re a HomeFixated reader, then chances are you love tools and beer (and your teeth!). Solely out of respect for your wants and needs, we embarked on a test of bottle openers from Channellock, Milwaukee and Klein Tools. We evaluated these three openers based on several metrics seen in the photo captions below.


Although a bit hard to tell here, both the Klein and Milwaukee bottle openers sported thicker metal than the Channellock


Length equals leverage, ranked from shortest to longest


All three are labeled to avoid confusion, although “BOCB” isn’t quite as intuitive as the other two


What to add to the bottle opener? Ah yes, a wire stripper of course!

So, who won? It was a tough decision and one that involved subtle design differences and numerous personal biases.

Watch the video below for our findings, and for the winner:


Klein wisely opted for a stainless steel tool with a drop-resistant, rubberized grip for when things get sloshy.

Unlike many of the fine products we review here at HomeFixated.com, these tools are all inexpensive enough to warrant buying more than one just to make sure you have your bases covered. One for the home, one for the man-cave, and one for the tool box. The HomeFixated.com legal team insist we remind you to enjoy your beer responsibly, after work and after you’re done driving for the day. Serioulsy, don’t be that guy/gal. Each opener is priced under $10 and can be found via the Amazon.com links here:

Klein 98002BT Bottle Opener
Milwaukee Bottle Opener Wire Stripper
Channellock BOCB Bottle Opener


  1. Need a rematch. Craftsman, Proto, Greenlee, Wera and Snap on all make versions.

    Actually: http://www.garagejournal.com/forum/showthread.php?p=3470749

    • Thanks Noah. . . I wouldn’t rule out a rematch in the future! There are some pretty impressive bottle opener collections in that thread. The Wera and Wiha openers look pretty cool.

  2. I have the complete BBQ set and the beer, I mean bottle opener from Klein Tools and love the fact that they are made right here in the good ole US of A and built the same way they make all of their tools, For Professionals. They are at every grillin’ I do and everyone I know now has them.

    • Thanks Ron. We may need to do an official review on Klein’s BBQ gear. . . I have definitely seen them around, but I haven’t had the chance to test them hands-on yet.

  3. Tyarrie Lee says:

    KLEIN for peace of mind!!

  4. Gerard Castro says:

    Klein Tools Baby every day all day !!

  5. Not sure on specifics in this case, but Klein & Channellock are generally made in the USA while at least 95% of Milwaukee products originate from China. That would be a deciding factor for me!

  6. Hmmm. I know what I’m getting my wife for Christmas. 😉

  7. You forgot Craftsman’s offerings. I think you better retest them all (and drink more beer). My personal favorite is the all steel Craftsman. Just don’t toss it across the shop to your buddy. If he turns away, he’s getting a concussion… not that I would know or anything.


  8. And here I thought it was pretty common to mix alcohol and electrical wiring…Do I smell new UL and OSHA guidelines?

  9. A good look at an under-reported segment of the tool universe. I’m stunned, though, that you didn’t make use of my decades of expertise on the subject! And there’s one very important safety consideration you neglected to include: Per Channellock, When using this product, always wear Eye Protection that meets A.N.S.I. Z87.1 requirements.


    • If the commute wasn’t so bad you definitely would have been invited over repeatedly for your expertise. And, thanks for pointing out that glaring safety consideration Phil!

  10. I appreciate you guys struggling with this review on our behalf.

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