Peel and Stick Metal Tiles: If You Can Manage a Band-Aid, You Can Install These Tiles

metal-tile-backsplashI came across these peel and stick metal tiles while browsing through This Old House’s website.  From Aspect Ideas, this tile series can be used for either practical or decorative applications. You can use them as a back splash in the kitchen or bath, or dress up a wall area for a more artistic look. The metal tiles come in four different color finishes; stainless, champagne, brushed bronze, and copper with the option of long or short grain.  

Much easier to install than traditional ceramic or metal tile, all it takes is a little surface cleaning and preparation and the tiles just stick into place. No grout or glue is necessary as long as you thoroughly clean the surface and pre-coat with an oil based primer. DO NOT use a latex based paint because the tiles will not adhere properly. It should be noted though, if anyone is feeling a bit lazy and decides to forego prepping the surface properly, or the tile is being applied to a highly porous or uneven surface, an adhesive will be needed.

Metal peel and stick tiles are made of 60% recycled material, sized at 3″ x 6″ and sold in packs of 8, which is enough to cover one square foot of wall space. For those of you who love a contemporary look, metal tiles are the ticket: modern and sleek but with a soft, warm sheen. metal-tiles

For anyone in need of matching outlet covers, Aspect Ideas suggests WallPlate Warehouse. The outlets available here are a very close match to the color and finish of the metal tiles.  Metal tiles can be ordered through Shop Kitchen at Lowe’s and are also available at Ceilings Walls and More.


  1. Love the title. Sometimes I can even manage a band-aid. Thanks for letting us know whre to find peel and stick tiles.

  2. The FamilyHandyman did an article on these last year. They look cool but I wonder if you could get water trapped behind them. Maybe I have been reading too many BuildingScience articles on how water is the enemy of all building systems.

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