SKIL Project of the Month – Shop Cart

If you’re addicted to DIY projects and the latest tools, there’s little doubt that you also have a slew of organizational products to keep your tools and screws and nails and nuts and what-not where they should be (although we can’t guarantee that you’re actually using them consistently – sort of like that treadmill-slash-clothes hanger in the basement). Maybe it’s a hefty tool box or a peg-board or maybe you like to keep things real with man’s first organizational product: a bucket.

But where are you keeping all those scraps and planks of wood? Our guess: They’re resting along a wall in the garage, half buried by other stuff. You’ve probably even gone to the hardware shop to pick up a 2 x 4 only to later realize that you have a few of them already in ‘the pile’.

Our pals at SKIL have a solution for you and you can build it yourself pretty easily! It’s the DIY Shop Cart – and the plans can be downloaded for free!

It’s a fairly basic design, but that’s really all you need for an organizational system like this. The SKIL Shop Cart gives you cubbies to contain scrap pieces in, shelving to rest medium-sized planks of wood on, and a surface to rest large sheets against. The cart is constructed on castors, giving you the freedom to pull it out, turn it around and move it where you need to.

Tool-wise, you’ll require a circular saw, a drill, a level and some vices. As for materials, a full list is provided. It may set you back about $150 – $200, presuming you have to buy everything, which is unlikely if you feel you need to create something like this to store all those materials.

If you use the plan, the assembled Shop Cart stands at approximately to 24” wide by 72” long by 76” tall. If you have the room for it, why not?

Download the free plans for the SKIL Shop Cart and get that much closer to pile-free living!


  1. Your link to the cart gives you the old “404”. The search on SKIL’s site will find it fine.

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