News Nirvana – Milwaukee Snips and Hole Saws, Bosch SDS Max Demo Tools and Truck Giveaway, Arctic Cove Mister, Makita Compact Recip Saw, Klein Tool Expansion and Little Giant Velocity

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Happy Easter and welcome to another egg-citing News Nirvana. In this edition, we decided it wasn’t fair that the kids are the only ones who get a basket full of treats, so we packed this News Nirvana full of the latest and greatest tools, and they won’t even rot your teeth. Milwaukee brings snips and impact-rated hole saws, Bosch improves its SDS max tools and gives away a truck, Arctic Cove offers up a really cool tool, Makita shows us its new compact reciprocating saw, Klein expands its insulated tool line and Little Giant ladder breaks out the lightest extension ladder to date. Put on your Peter cottontail and start hopping down the bunny trail, it’s another tool packed edition of News Nirvana!

Milwaukee Offset Snips and Shockwave Thin Wall Hole Saws

Oh Snap, Snips!
Oh Snap, Snips!

Milwaukee Tools is a lot like an Easter egg hunt, every time you think you’ve found them all, another one shows up right under your nose. With their new offset snip collection and thin wall hole saws, just when you think you’ve seen everything Milwaukee has to offer, they come up with something better. Milwaukee expands its hand tool line even further with the announcement of four new 45 degree offset snips. Forged metal heads, hard chrome plating and a patented spring and lock mechanism for one-handed opening and closing makes these nifty snips stand out from the rest of the bunch.

Hole-y Cow Milwaukee!
Hole-y Cow Milwaukee!

More often than not, if you’re cutting metal with snips, you probably also use a hole saw as well. The new Milwaukee Shockwave Thin Wall Hole Saws not only provide up to 40 percent faster burr-free cuts, they also are rated to work with impact drivers, so you can make holes all day long in wood or select metal materials without having to switch to a drill/driver. Both series of tools are now available to the public and can be found at a Milwaukee retailer near you.

Bosch SDS Demo Hammer Upgrades and Best Built Sweepstakes

Where are his MC Hammer pants?
Where are his MC Hammer pants?

Need to bust up concrete or maybe chisel a piece off of that rock-hard chocolate bunny? Then it’s a good thing Bosch recently increased the impact energy in their DH712VC demolition hammer and 1 ¾-inch RH745 rotary hammer.  Their new demo hammer weighs just 18.5 pounds yet provides 9.6 foot pounds of impact energy, while the new rotary hammer delivers 7.6 foot pounds of impact energy. Both tools go on sale this May and retail for around $720 each, or, approximately 2X the cost of a reasonably-sized chocolate bunny.

Watch a Video and Win a Truck!
Watch a Video and Win a Truck!

Bosch doesn’t just make great demo tools, they also give away free stuff! You could win a 2014 RAM 1500 pickup truck (or a bunch of new tools from Bosch) just for watching the video found here. Good luck and if you win, can we get a ride?

Arctic Cove Misting Bucket

Whether you’re out on the job or you’re looking for Easter eggs, when it’s hot outside, it’s nice to get some cool air once in a while. So, how do you find relief from the heat without an air conditioner nearby? The Arctic Cove Misting Bucket can cool you down at any location with a simple bucket or a garden hose. It’s powered by an 18v battery pack, so it can just about go anywhere you do and work without a wall outlet for up to 7 hours. Look for it, and many other cool Arctic Cove products, in a Home Depot near you for around $99.

Makita Compact Recip Saw

A "Cut" Above the Rest?
A “Cut” Above the Rest?

A reciprocating saw is a pretty useful tool. It can cut through wood and metal with ease. Because they are big and bulky, getting them into tight fitting spots isn’t always possible. That’s where a good compact recip saw comes in handy. Makita introduces its latest version of the compact recip saw with the 18V LXT Lithium-Ion cordless compact reciprocating saw. It offers a dual-position switch for maximum versatility when making awkward cuts. Mario Lopez, Product Manager of Makita’s Cordless Tools had this to say about the compact recip saw:

“This new compact recipro saw is all about performance, efficiency and versatility. With category-leading weight and a two-way grip, plumbers and remodelers can decide between a paddle switch or traditional trigger switch grip depending on the application for maximum versatility and convenience during the cut.”

When we called and asked Mr. Lopez if we could use the compact recipro for carving our Easter ham, we were immediately answered with a dial tone. We took it as a “no” answer, but in our professional opinion, it seems like this new tool could eat Easter hams for breakfast.

Klein Tool Expansion

Shock-Free is a Great Thing
Shock-Free is a Great Thing

What’s more shocking than Klein expanding its insulated electrician’s tools? Not having an insulated tool and working with dangerous electricity is at the top of our list. New injection molded grips sport Klein’s unique three-part insulation with a white under-layer that serves as a warning signal if the insulation is compromised. Each tool is also stamped with the 1000V symbol that signifies the tool has been tested to 10,000 volts by the VDE – one of the world’s leading electronic and electrical testing facilities. Look for Klein’s full line of electricians tools at a retailer near you.

Little Giant Velocity

If you think that ladder injuries are caused mostly from falls, you’d be wrong. More than half of all ladder-related accidents are attributed to sprains and strains of maneuvering heavy ladders from one place to another. To combat these troubles, a reduction in the weight of the extension ladder was needed, and thanks to the Little Giant Velocity, heavy extension ladders are a thing of the past. The Velocity also features an innovative side-mounted pulley and rope system to prevent accidental snags on the rope while climbing the ladder. Priced right at $199, the Little Giant Velocity can be found here or at a Home Depot store near you. Who knows? It might come in handy when you’re looking for all those lost Easter eggs the Easter bunny hid up high.

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  1. The Klein Tools pliers and cutters look really nice. I like the covering on the handles that make them more comfortable to use and prevent electric shock too. I remember using an old pair of lineman’s pliers that had the handles sorta wrapped in electrical tape when I was young. They really didn’t prevent any kind of shock since one time I did get a 110 v shock while using them. Did I say I was young then?? I think I was about 12 or 13 at that time.


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