Reclaim a Room With Removable Wood Wall Decor from Artis Wall

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Reclaimed wood is not only eco-friendly, it is beautiful and all the rage. With Artis Wall™ you can get the benefit of reclaimed wood or stone paneling without the permanence and/or the hassle. The planks are also reusable. According to the makers of Artis Wall products, their patented wall installation system does not damage the wall beneath in any way, therefore you can install a lovely reclaimed wood accent wall as a temporary or long term solution, perfect for renters and those who like to change up their living space frequently.

Artis Wall – Different From Their Competitors

The difference between Artis Wall and its competitors is the fact that this system uses a damage-free strip of adhesive to which planks are attached, there is no adhesive on the back of Artis Wall planks. According to the company, it “is the easiest way to install a reclaimed wood accent wall. Using our patented installation system which utilizes Velcro, 100 sq ft can be installed in 1 hour or less!”

Damage free adhesive strips utilize Velcro in their patented technology

Reclaimed Wood is Eco-Friendly

Of course my favorite bit is that they use reclaimed wood from old barns and structures around the US. Their “stone” paneling is made from salvaged compressed laminate made from paper and resin (a material used for countertop applications, in residential and commercial projects, and anything from skateboard ramps to bathroom partitions). Artis Wall sources the scraps (i.e. sink cutouts, awkward pieces…) to create their stylish and durable “stone” walls.

Reclaimed wood from old buildings and farm houses

Learn the History of Each Artis Wall Plank

The other thing I love about Artis Wall is that each plank has a code on the back that you can enter into their website to discover the history of that particular piece of wood. Find out the age, use and location of the barn your planks came from. So cool!

Find out the history of numbered reclaimed wood planks from old farms, houses and buildings.

Easy Installation

The only tools required for installation are a utility knife, tape measure, straight edge, scissors and a pencil. It is recommended that you clean walls prior to installation then measure and cut included A.I.M.™ adhesive strips to the exact size of your wall. Apply adhesive strips, space strips every 10 inches to cover the width of your wall. Determine the layout of your planks on the floor, then begin attaching to the wall from the bottom lefthand corner. Be sure each plank makes contact with each A.I.M.™ strip. You may need to cut planks at the end of the row to make them fit. Measure and mark plank where you would like to make the cut using a straight edge, score on both sides with a utility knife then align the scored mark with the edge of a table and gently apply pressure to the side of plank hanging over edge to break. The website provides step by step instructions as well as an enthusiastic instructional video for installation and removal. Artis Wall offers several styles to choose from and the “stone” planks can be painted to match your decor.

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