Not as Violent as it Sounds: BANG-IT! Door Hinge Pin Removal Tool

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bang_it_hinge_pin_removerWe once reviewed the Tico Halligan Bar and mentioned you may want to use to take down doors during an emergency or fit of rage. But what about those other times when you need that door out but prefer to do it without destroying … everything?

Enter the violently named but relatively docile BANG-IT! Door Hinge Pin Remover.

You slap it underneath a door hinge, smack it with a hammer and up comes the hinge pin. Bingo, bango – within a minute you can get the door off without damaging it or the door frame.

Besides the simple genius of this product, I also couldn’t help but be drawn toward its sales copy. To help me count the exclamation marks, I’ve enlisted the help of Count von Count of Sesame Street fame. Here’s the original copy:

BANG-IT! Door Hinge Pin Remover #835! Fast! Easy! Safe! Won’t Damage Doors or Molding! Made in USA!

1 – 2 – 3 – 4 – 5 – 6 – 7! Seven! Seven Exclamation Marks! Muahahahahahaha! (*THUNDER CLAPS*)

Bang It Door Pin Tool! Door Hinge Pin Remover! Is! Only! $12! At! Amazon!

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