YardWise Push Yard Sweeper, For the Neat Freak in Your Life

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yardwise_push_yard_sweeperWhen I was in University, there was a guy in the dorm named Anel who received the unfortunate but obvious nickname of “Anal”. What made Anel the perfect Anal was not just a simple switch of a vowel, but the guy’s lifestyle.

Pull those minds out of the gutter, people (not that I blame you – I went there too for a second).

Anel was known as Anal because he brought neatness to a higher level. I’m not just talking about making the bed and putting garbage away – the most one can usually hope for from a boy in a dorm. I’m talking keeping his closet color-coordinated. Ironing the curtains and the duvet regularly. Vacuuming the carpet every.single.day.

So why have I brought him up? Well, when I first laid eyes on the YardWise Push Yard Sweeper, I instantly imagined Anal … err, Anel, pushing it.

This is basically a big picky-uppy comb for your lawn. The sweeper’s grabbing brushes pull up debris (leaves, grass, trash) on your yard and dump it into the 30-gallon catcher basket – all while making your lawn look smooth and perfect and clean and magical so you can relax (please).

The Push Yard Sweeper measures 25” wide, features a dial-in height adjuster, a one-motion dumping-lifting basket and folds down to store into a small space. We think it would go mighty well with the Scotts Push Mower we reviewed recently.

Check out the Yardwise Sweep-It Yard Sweeper for $149.99 at GreenGardenTools.com.

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