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envelope_style_mailboxIf you have a style going on, it really is nice if you can continue it not just throughout your home but outside it as well. We found something on Etsy that we’re pretty sure modern design lovers will coo at.

From Theory + Practice, we stumbled upon a hand-crafted Envelope-Style Mailbox made of marine grade stainless steel – and it is puuurdy. This mailbox’s slick, clean look would not only catch the eye of modern / Eames enthusiasts, but perhaps even those who like the more subdued art deco looks floating around out there.

Now, it doesn’t have that hook underneath it to hold a newspaper – but does that really matter? I mean, when was the last time the paperboy (or is it “paperperson” now?) took the time to fit the newspaper in there? Never? The newspaper is always on the ground, in the bushes, on the driveway – and even if they DID try to place it in that hook, would it even fit with all those flyers and junk wrapped in there?

Did that sound like an old-timey rant, longing for the good old days of proper delivery service and small newspapers? Well, it was. And here’s an old-timey rave – about quality. This mailbox has it. It measures 15 7/8″ x 8″ x 4″ and features a full-length piano-style hinge (not the cheap rolled or folded steel hinges you see more often nowadays). The envelope segments are welded together and then the edges are hand-buffed. Nope, they don’t make ‘em like this anymore.

Support a craftsman while completing your home’s look is stylish and smart! The Stainless Steel Envelope-Style Mailbox is available at Theory + Practice Etsy store for $149.99.

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