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man falling off ladder Being passionately HomeFixated, you would think our house is something like the house Chevy Chase lights up in National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation, complete with “250 strands of light.” Instead, if it wasn’t for the tree visible in our window, you’d assume a family of Grinches live here. Luckily, our neighbors have picked up the slack with some “interesting” holiday decor.

My personal favorite is the image above of a guy who appears to have fallen off a ladder while putting up lights. This isn’t entirely original, as we’ve heard about this being done elsewhere in years past. We even heard about a guy that set up a similar scene and had to take it down because people were freaking out, stopping their cars in the middle of the road, and then running up to the house to help. Not in our neighborhood. This is Southern California people! If someone even bothers to take a moment from their texting while driving by, the most common thought is probably “it doesn’t look like that far to fall. . . he should be fine.” Anyway, we have to hand it to our neighbors, we like this one.

halloween robot
Umm, Halloween ended about two months ago
In the less likable but still entertaining category, we have the always popular “Halloween/Xmas Call-Center Robot with Sony laptop abs and Pumpkin Head” decor. We’ve heard there are some places that sell medicinal herbs in our ‘hood, and I’m pretty sure a decent amount of that herb gets smoked in this house. This might be a good time to introduce the topic of electronics recycling to our neighbor.

Next up, we have the neighborhood show-offs. This looks a lot more impressive at night, but when I tried to photograph it, the extreme light actually melted the image sensor on my camera. Plus the heat from the lights was unbearable. This is pretty much what Chevy Chase dreamed he could do in the movie. They probably wired their house with 300 amp service just to put on this show yearly. Multiple timber-framed out-buildings house animatronic characters. Need I say more? The bummer about neighbors like this is that they make everyone within a 10 block radius feel like losers when it comes to holiday decorations. That, and the whole global warming thing.

Finally, we have Frosty and Santa surfing together. From a tree. Nothing says Southern California Christmas quite like Santa surfing. They even put San Diego Chargers gear on both to make sure there is no confusion on where Santa and Frosty like to hang ten.

If you’ve got any particularly entertaining holiday decorations in your ‘hood, we’d like to hear about it in the comments below. From Grinchland to Santaverse, HomeFixated wishes all of you very, very happy holidays!

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