DeWALT DCG413 20V MAX Brushless Angle Grinder With Kickback Brake

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DeWALT DCG413 angle grinder

What's This?This post is sponsored by The Home Depot. For grinding, cutting, sanding, wire brushing, sharpening, and general dentistry, an angle grinder is often the best tool for the job. With the portability of 20V MAX, you can handle business without an electrified cord to double dutch while you’re working. And if by chance the wire brush catches on a metal nook, it’s cool; the DeWALT DCG413 angle grinder has an electric brake to reduce kickback. Let’s dive into some of its more practical features (just to clarify, dentistry is NOT one of them).

Running The Numbers – DeWALT DCG413 Angle Grinder

Adjustable gear head
If you’d prefer the gear head be configured in a different orientation with respect to the body, you can pull these 4 screws and rotate it in 90° increments. But for most applications, factory setup is best.

Quick Specs:

* Platform: DeWALT 20V MAX
* Brushless motor
* Speed (unloaded): 9,000 RPM
* Arbor size – 7/8”
* Spindle thread: 5/8”-11
* Included guard: Type 27 (for use with most wheel types). For cutting wheels, however, DeWALT recommends a type 1/41 guard (sold separately).

Barrel Gripped And Brushless – The DeWALT DCG413 Angle Grinder

The DCG413 has a brushless motor for a long, maintenance-free life.

If you’re experiencing déjà vu, thinking we just recently covered a DeWALT 20V MAX angle grinder, you’re not crazy (at least not by our standards). There was one included in the DeWALT 20V MAX 4-Tool Combo Kit W/ Tough System. But this is a different model that may be more appealing to some readers.

Barrel grip w/ paddle switch
Barrel grip with paddle switch.

The most notable differences are that this angle grinder has a brushless motor (for extended motor life), a wheel brake (for safety), a barrel grip (which some people find more comfortable than the D-handle) and better hardware (because better is better). The one in the 4-tool combo kit is great, but this grinder, the DCG413, turns it up a notch.

I did a casual performance comparison of both grinders using 4AH battery packs and didn’t really notice much difference in power or battery life. You can get a lot of work done on a single charge, especially with a grinding wheel. But metal cutting and other heavy tasks do load the motor a bit and drain the battery faster. Keep a spare battery charged for the more demanding jobs. Better yet, go with a 6.0AH battery if you have one.

Safety First – Because Boo-Boos Are Bad, Mmkay?

Trigger lock
The power switch has a little safety lever that must be flipped to unlock the trigger action.

Your first line of defense with any tool is to pay attention to what you’re doing and be aware of your surroundings. Read your owner’s manual, wear personal protective equipment (PPE) and don’t aim fountains of sparks anywhere near your hoard of explosive barrels and leaky hydrogen tanks. As for the tools themselves; use your guard and don’t bypass trigger locks or other safety features, no matter how “annoying” they may be.

Adjustable guard
Adjust the guard by rotating clockwise. It will click into several different positions. Press the locking lever to swap out guards or adjust it back the other way.

With this barrel grip/paddle switch combo, it’s nearly impossible to pick up the tool without squeezing the trigger. To mitigate that, powering on the tool requires a 2-step action: flip the little lever back then squeeze the trigger.

The safety switch works pretty well, but it’s not foolproof and does take some getting used to. If you’re careless in how you grab the tool, you can inadvertently flip the lockout lever and depress the trigger (which, in turn, can depress the user). It’s not highly probable, but definitely possible. Personally, I’d prefer a more traditional thumb-activated trigger lock.

Kickback Brake – Safety Done Right

Anti-kickback brake
An anti-kickback brake activates in case of a bind-up or stall.

Kickback occurs when a spinning blade (or grinder wheel) catches or is suddenly forced to a halt and all that momentum transfers to the tool or workpiece, typically throwing one or the other at the operator at a high velocity.

If the spindle ever slows way down or completely stalls, the DeWALT DCG413 angle grinder slams on the brakes to reduce the risk of damage or personal injury. Since nothing good ever comes of kickback, I hope you can understand my hesitancy to actually put this feature to the test. I’m going to have to just trust DeWALT on this one.

The Wheels On The Grinder Go Round And Round

Wide world of wheels
Some of the many wheels that can be used with your angle grinder: grinding/polishing flap disc, masonry cutting disc, sanding conversion kit, metal cutting disc, and 5” & 4-1/2” grinding wheels.

We received the DeWALT DCG413 angle grinder as a bare tool. So I took a trip to my favorite toy store, The Home Depot, to gather an assortment of wheels. I did, by the way, use the 5” DeWALT grinding wheel that came in the 4-tool combo kit (even though it’s a “4-1/2 inch” grinder) with no problems at all. You can also use 4” wire wheels, 3-4” wire cup brushes and diamond cutting wheels, none of which I own. This being tax season and all, I was on a limited budget.

Grinding steel
Grinding away some peened over edges.

If you can do it with a corded angle grinder, you can do it with the DeWALT DCG413. Only without a mile of knotted extension cords.

Cutting masonry
You’re not going to pierce all the way through thick block from one side, but this masonry cutting wheel went through concrete like butter in a blast furnace. It’s also great for stucco, Hardie Board, plaster, tile, brick, etc…
Rust go bye-bye
Need to knock down some rust? No problem, install a wire wheel (or, in my case, a flap sander) and it’s gone in no time.

Spindlerella – DeWALT DCG413 Arbor

Arbor hardware
The spindle and arbor hardware are some of the nicest I’ve seen.

Okay, so it’s not exactly the stuff of fairy tales, but compared to the DCG413’s spindle, flange washer and flange nut, those on most other angle grinders are basically the pumpkin carriage after midnight. I don’t know that I’ve ever seen such a well-made set.

Washer retention
A rubber ring keeps the flange washer from falling off and getting lost. But it’s easy to remove (and reseat) when you want to.

The flange nut is thick with a knurled edge that makes it easy to thread on and off by hand. Then use the include hex key to tighten and loosen. It may seem strange to wrench the nut with an off-centered tool (rather than a typical arbor wrench that spans two holes). But it feels perfect and works beautifully.

Flange locking nut
The inside of the locking nut has this spring loaded flange.
Tightening the arbor nut
It’s easy to feel when it’s properly cinched, so you’ll never over tighten.
Spindle lock
The spindle lock is located on top of the gear head.

DeWALT DCG413 20V MAX Paddle Switch Angle Grinder w/ Kickback Brake

DeWALT DCG413 angle grinder
The right tool for the job. Unless you’re my dentist.

If you need to take a healthy bite out of your workload and prefer the luxury of cordless tools the DeWALT DCG413 just might be the angle grinder for you.

Spark your interest
We thought the DCG413 might “spark” your interest. Why aren’t you laughing? Mouth hurting? Tough crowd; I’ll see myself out.

Buy the DeWALT DCG413 angle grinder for under $170:

Buy Now - via The Home Depot

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