DeWalt Parts Organizer Review – Put The Screws To Your Clutter

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dewalt parts organizer

What's This?This post is sponsored by The Home Depot. Despite my best efforts to stow things where I’m SURE I’ll find them, on any given job I spend WAY too much time searching for the parts and tools I need. Although occasionally someone else is to blame for “relocating” the items I need, more often it’s likely due to a combination of encroaching senility and too much information competing for too few remaining brain cells. In any event, my efforts to get a bit better organized got a little boost when the Home Depot recently sent us a DeWalt Parts Organizer to evaluate.

DeWalt Parts Organizer
The DeWalt Parts Organizer, ready to bring order to the universe…

With removable dividers, the DeWalt parts organizer, aka the DeWalt DWST14830, is easy to customize for fasteners or random small parts. It features a clear Polycarbonate lid, so you can see what the heck is in there without having to pop it open, and a carrying handle. Here’s the official lowdown on features and specs:

• Removable dividers allow custom arrangements to accommodate tools and parts
• Features clear polycarbonate lid for full visibility
• 20 compartments
• Dimensions are 17-3/8” X 11” X 2-7/8”
• Carry handle for easy portability
• Unique lid design keeps small parts from moving between compartments
• Side latches enable stacking to other DeWalt Pro organizer units for easy storage and transport
• Limited lifetime warranty

Organization Chart

Although made almost entirely of plastic, the case feels sturdy and well-made. Using the clasps on the side, the DeWalt parts organizer can be locked together with any of the other DeWalt Pro parts organizers, including the DeWalt DWST14825 deep parts organizer, the DeWalt DWST14925 shallow parts organizer, and the DeWalt DWST14835 small parts organizer. Although there is no rubber gasket around the lid, like there is in the DeWalt ToughSystem cases, the case is IP53 rated, to keep your parts from swimming in their own indoor pool.

dewalt parts organizer
Side clasps secure multiple DeWalt Pro organizers together.

When it’s time to start packing stuff in, the DeWalt Parts Organizer offers good flexibility. The center divider that runs the length of the case is fixed, but all the other dividers can be removed, in various combinations. You can tailor your interior to have anywhere from two to twenty compartments. When the case is configured with all twenty compartments, most of them are just over 2” X 3”, with the two front corner compartments being slightly larger.

DeWalt parts organizer
The DeWalt parts organizer can have up to 20 compartments.
DeWalt parts organizer
Dividers are easy to insert and remove.

The DeWalt Parts Organizer Gets Ready For A Screw Job

I have what seems like dozens of boxes of various construction screws, drywall screws, etc. Since they are extremely adept at staying invisible when I need them, I decided to corral a bunch of them in the DeWalt parts organizer. I loaded up a bunch of screws, ranging in length from 1” to 6”, into eight compartments. I also had room to drop in two clamshell cases, one with a set of drill bits and one with an assortment of driver bits. The cases fit perfectly.

DeWalt parts organizer
The DeWalt parts organizer held a good amount of several screw sizes

The dividers are easy to insert and remove, and fit snugly into their locking grooves. When I got the case loaded up and tilted it upright, all the screws stayed obediently in their designated crannies, even when I held the case upside-down and gave it several good shakes.

DeWalt parts organizer
When closed, everything stayed in place, but smaller items might not.

When the lid is latched, there is a slight gap between the top of the dividers and the lid. If you use the DeWalt parts organizer for small parts, such as washers and cotter pins, they might tend to migrate when the box is upright. You could easily prevent that from happening by dropping any small parts into a sandwich bag before stowing them.

Ready To Get It Together?

The DeWalt Parts Organizer that I filled with screws should be a huge time saver for me. Next time I have a fastening job, rather than finding and sorting through several boxes of screws, then locating driver and/or drill bits, I can just grab the case and go. Next up on the “Get organized” checklist, I have a hodgepodge of electrical stuff that needs a little discipline, including various connectors, tape, wire staples, zip ties, screws, and so forth. I also have a LOT more screws that will be easier to locate after my next trip to the Home Depot. For under fourteen bucks a pop, it’s a pretty cheap way to gain a little sanity.

DeWalt parts organizer
The next screwing project should get underway a bit quicker…

Overall, the quality of the DeWalt Parts Organizer is very good. A steel rod running through the hinges should help the lid stay where it belongs. The case itself feels sturdy, and should hold up to a bit of being banged around. The only worry I have is whether the two front clasps will hold up to repeated bending as the lid is opened and closed.

DeWalt parts organizer
The front clasps work well. Hopefully they’ll hold up a good long while.
DeWalt parts organizer
If not, the lifetime warranty should make things right.

Even if one of them does give way, the two side clasps are significantly more sturdy, and the unit should stay closed with no problem. Obviously DeWalt thinks the case is tough enough to stand up to whatever you’re dishing out, as the DeWalt Parts Organizer is backed by a limited lifetime warranty. It’s also covered by the Home Depot’s 90-day return policy. If you’re in need of some organization, grabbing a DeWalt parts organizer (or two) would be a good place to start.

DeWalt parts organizer

Buy the DeWalt parts organizer from the Home Depot for around $14:

Buy Now - via Home Depot

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