Dust Free Drilling with the Dust Bubble

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dust-bubble-optionsA couple years ago I had this brilliant idea for a home improvement invention. Basically, it was a little sticky thing that you’d temporarily affix to the wall when drilling a hole. The idea for the invention was born from frustration with having to do some type of cleaning task every time I had to drill into a plaster wall somewhere. The dust would inevitably fall to the floor, where I had approximately .00000000001% chance of my wife not noticing it. As with most people who have good ideas, I failed to develop it or take it to market. Thanks to the enterprising and apparently like-minded folks at Dustless Technologies, a new product has emerged called the Dust Bubble.

The Dust Bubble promises to rid you of not only annoying dust, but of the even more annoying task of cleaning it up. It also helps prevent you from inhaling half the drywall or plaster dust before it makes a mess of your floor, carpeting, furniture and/or marriage. At this year’s National Hardware Show, Matt Savage of Dustless Technologies (those guys hate dust!) was kind enough to give us a demo of the new Dust Bubble:

As much as I’d like to claim this idea was ruthlessly stolen from me in a brazen act of media espionage, I’m pretty sure the team at Dustless Technologies came up with this on their own. Actually, I’m positive it wasn’t from me since I never told anyone about the idea. Am I bitter I won’t be collecting those huge inventor royalties as trillions of Dust Bubble profit rolls in? Maybe a little. But mostly I’m just happy someone brought this concept to market.

Stick it, drill it, drink a beer? Actually, sources say the cup icon might be a trash can

So if you’re ready to “stick it, drill it, toss it”, the you can buy the Dustless Technologies DustBubble Regular Strength 3-Package for Capturing Drilling Dust D2210 for just around $3, which includes a total of three Dustbubbles. They are also available in medium-duty and heavy-duty variations for metal and industrial applications. Click the image at the beginning of this article for more details on the three variations. A 35 pack is also available if you plan to drill your wall into Swiss cheese, or you just want to be prepared.

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3 thoughts on “Dust Free Drilling with the Dust Bubble”

  1. Does it work well on an over head ceiling? I have a job mounting hundreds of things to a high ceiling, but worried that dust will trigger the high tech sprinkler system.

  2. Saw this product demonstrated on DIY I Want That! show…I have a question: Will this bubble handle metal shavings? At work I drill into a lot of metal and this product would work really well to help keep the area clean.
    Thank You!

    • Hi Steve. I would guess it handles metal shavings just fine, but you may want to check with Dustless Tech. directly to confirm. Happy drilling!


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