MultiFunnel for All Your Liquid Management Needs

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multifunnelThat’s right, I said liquid management. At this year’s National Hardware Show, I came across a lot of new products and inventions, several of which had little apparent value over other more conventional solutions. The MultiFunnel didn’t fall into that category. It took the age-old approach to patenting products; take an existing product and add meaning refinements that make it more useful. Funnels haven’t exactly been the bastion of innovation. Sure, they came out with big funnels, little funnels, black funnels, red funnels, etc. But ultimately, they all pretty much looked and functioned the same. Then, along came MultiFunnel.

Not only did MultiFunnel spice up their funnel design with a pleasing spectrum of colors worthy of a Martha Stewart photo shoot, but they also changed the overal shape of their funnels. In the process, they also subtly changed the function. By elongating and offsetting the funnel as well as adding a flat bottom to it, they made a funnel capable of going where no funnel had gone before. And, since the MultiFunnel is BPA free, you can use it for that awkward job of filling water bottles at the fridge or even baby bottles, all without fear of mutating your children with synthetic hormone disruptors. Just don’t confuse it with the similarly styled Lady Elegance P EZ Portable Female Urinal, OK? Especially if you’re using it for frosty beverages.

Colors and quantity discounts abound at MultiFunnel's online store

Of course, when it comes time to add some oil to your motorcycle or atv with the nearly impossible-to-access oil cap, you won’t care much about BPA. What you will care about is the ability to get the MultiFunnel into the oil inlet, while still being able to easily pour the oil into the funnel. Since a picture is worth a thousand words, a video must be worth way more than a thousand words. In addition to creating a compelling argument against using small children family members in infomercials, this promo video also provides some examples of where the patented MultiFunnel might kick a conventional funnel’s butt.

You can find the MultiFunnel in sexy un-funnel-like colors such as blue, orange, grey and red. Single funnels will set you back a measly $7, while a set of three is just $20. If I’m doing the incredibly challenging math right, a three-pack will save you a whole dollar vs buying them individually. You could save yourself $20 too, but them you’d have to buy 60 funnels, which might be more than you need. Available via the MultiFunnel Online Store. Stay thirsty my friends!

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1 thought on “MultiFunnel for All Your Liquid Management Needs”

  1. looks remarkably like the cut off top of a bottle of oil, tho i wouldn’t use the oil bottle funnel for food products

    later jim


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