Decorative Light Switchplates – What to Get the Home Designer Who Has Everything

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So you stop by a friend’s new home and notice that they have those same old blasé plastic light switchplates that millions of others blasé home owners have across the country.  Well, besides being incredibly observant and judgmental, perhaps you can introduce your friend to Eleek’s wild switchplates. These super cool light switch plates are made from cast pewter on site at Eleek’s facility in Oregon and designed by their co-owner. 

I automatically thought of the 80’s classic film “Labyrinth” when I saw these switchplates; so when I called I half hoped to hear David Bowie music while I waited.  You can almost hear him singing “Pressure, pressing down on me. Under Pressure…” can’t you.  Alas, it wasn’t meant to be and all I got was an answering machine.  The next day I was able to speak to a representative who did fill me in on some pretty cool info.  For example, Eleek was founded in 2000 and have a strong commitment to sustainability which you can read more about at They have a broad catalog that goes beyond different types of hardware including all sorts of lights, restoration pieces, tiles and not to be terribly cliché, kitchen sinks. They also have seventeen different dealers across the country to provide you with service. However, if one is not in your neck of the woods you can deal directly with Eleek.

But let’s get back to these switchplates. The plates will fit any conventional electrical box and there are 11 different styles to choose from including double plates and one push button plate. And, in case you missed it earlier, they are made of pewter! Now with great craftsmanship comes great responsibility price tags.  These will set you back $60 USD (for the singles) to $100 USD (for the doubles). I know, not for the faint of heart by any means ( I think I once bought a car for something like 3 Eleek doubles and a single), but seriously, talk about a wicked looking conversation piece.  To peruse these switchplates and other Eleek gear check out their

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1 thought on “Decorative Light Switchplates – What to Get the Home Designer Who Has Everything”

  1. Whoa, that’s spendy! Though they might look cool if you have pewter colored picture frames in the room or ironrod furniture, they would really stick out on their own. Considering the cost and customization, you’d also have to swap them all out for generic plastic ones when you sell your place. My final contention is the fact that the switch itself will still be almond/white and to me, aesthetically, it doesn’t look quite right.


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