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Yep, it’s time for more news of up and coming, clever and time-saving tools!  In this edition of Tool News Nirvana, we’ve got items that will save you the mess of bags and rags, a couple of high-end tools for more ambitious products, a light that might become your new best friend, and a cool new website for outdoor tools of all varieties. Plus some non-tool news we unscrupulously snuck into this Tool News Nirvana edition.

New HVAC Series Bags From Veto Pro Pac

Earlier we reviewed the VeoProPac tool bags and the maker was so darned thrilled with our mention that they sent us this hot-off-the-presses news to share with you, our loyal readers: their release of a new line – the HVAC Tech SERIES of bags.  They say the line was developed in response to customer requests and was refined with field research with HVAC and other technicians.   There are several bags in the lineup, including the TECH-LC, MB-Meter Bag, and the TP3 – 3 Pocket Tool Pouch.  The VETO PRO PAC Model LC Tool Bag is priced at about $147. Check out Roger Brouard, Veto’s founder, giving you a look at these new bags.

Festool Domino XL DF 700 Joiner

Festool Domino JoinerThis new grande-sized tool, scheduled to hit the shelves in June, makes it posible to build solid mortise and tenon joints in way less time than it’s taking you now if you’re using traditional methods or stationary equipment.  The light weight and portability of this heavy duty tool lets you bring the Domino XL to the work – smart and efficient.  It handles sizable jobs too.  When you place solid hardwood tenons with this baby, your finished door, gate, table, bed, or other project will likely last a very long time.  The Festool Domino XL DF 700 Joiner costs a few pennies; it’s priced at $1,200; or $1,250 for a set that includes trim and cross stops.

Check out this video of the Festool Domino XL DF 700 Joiner in action:

SysLite LED Worklamp

SysLite LED WorklampFestool’s gonna light up your life with the new SysLite LED Worklamp that goes where you go and puts out 170 degrees of even light disperson.  Easy to carry and meant for those crammed and cramped spaces where you invariably end up working in an awkward position in dim light, this will improve the situation.  Six high-efficiency LED bulbs produce light for up to four hours before needing a battery recharge.  The SysLite can be charged or run with included wall and car chargers, or attached to a Festool slide-type battery (12-18V) for extended use.  The worklamp retails for $175 and you can find it for exactly that amount at

Syslite Worklamp in action

SurFix Finish Applicator Set

Yes, even more Festool news! Know how you sometimes come to the end of a project, and when you face the final finishing job you feel as though you’re starting all over again?  This multi-tool kit will change your outlook when you see how it can save time-consuming tedium – and mess.  The Festool SurFix dispenses oil evenly and cleanly through a wide sponge mounted on a dispenser with a squeezable handle.  No more pouring, wiping with rags, and struggling to keep an even, balanced finish.  The Finish Applicator Set is priced at $145 and includes three types of Linseed-based oil, an applicator, sponges, and an assortment of abrasives for different wood types and for polishing, all packed in a fancy Systainer 3.
SurFix Finish Applicator SetSurFix Finish Applicator in action

CPO Outdoor

You might not have seen the newest site for CPO Commerce (the parent company of our sponsor Tyler Tool): CPO Outdoor.  Here you can find every kind of tool necessary to keep you enslaved to your lawn, garden, and deck for the duration of the growing season.  Check it out for an impressive array of lawn mowers, pressure washers, chain saws, trimmers, edgers, blowers, and more.

Senco® Expands Its Line of Magnesium Tools

Adding to its other light magnesium-body tools, Senco® has come out with two new pneumatic finish nailers – the FinishPro®33Mg and the FinishPro®35Mg.  The 33Mg model is for driving 16-gauge, 20-degree-angled finish nails.  The 35Mg drives 15-gauge, 34-degree-angled finish nails.  Both have oil-free motors, selectable triggers for fingertip control of the fastening method, rotatable exhausts and belt hooks for those who like to feature their tools as a fashion statement – or keep them at the ready for easy access.  Both also have rubber grips, swivel plugs and reload indicators, and push-button air blowers for dusting off surfaces. The Finish Pro 35 Angled Finish Nailersells for about $155. Senco Finish Pro 35

Built by Kids Up for a Webby Award

Built by Kids

Our friends Timothy and Laura Dahl were not content to run just one kick-ass website (, they also decided to launch Despite a short time online, they’ve already been nominated for a Webby Award in the Parents/Family category. If you haven’t checked out the site, please do, especially if you have any little munchkins in your life. If you like what you see, bust a move and give them a vote for the Webby Award!

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