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Top o’ the Morning to you and welcome to the St. Patrick’s Day edition of News Nirvana! In this green-as-a-shamrock news update, our gracious sponsors at Rockler Woodworking and Hardware unveil the winners of the 2014 Nordy’s Video Contest, DeWalt delivers a new compressor, Klein offers up their new Cable Tester, the Makita AVT  Rotary Hammer shows itself and General Tools breaks out the PalmScope. It’s like treasure at the end of the rainbow in this tool-packed News Nirvana! Erin go Bragh!

DeWalt 200 PSI Quiet Trim Compressor

Shhh! Do you hear a compressor?
Shhh! Do you hear a compressor?

Trim compressors aren’t just for trim and they work great for a number of applications, but when you’ve got to use them indoors, it can be noisier than a St. Patrick’s Day party at the Guinness Factory. DeWalt addresses the noise pollution problem with the introduction of this quiet yet powerful new air compressor. After refusing our St. Patrick’s Day gift of corned beef and cabbage, James Vintzel, Global Product Manager at DeWalt had this to say about the DWFP55130:

We focused on three main categories that pros found to be the most important; performance, size/weight, and noise level.

The DeWalt 200 PSI Quiet Trim Compressor features a 14 inch wide 2.5 gallon tank that delivers 3.0 SCFM’s at 90 pounds per square inch, it weighs just 36 pounds and has a super quiet dBA of 71.5. If that doesn’t want to make you do an Irish jig, then this will: it retails for just $249! Take a look at this and other great tools over at today.

General Tools PalmScope

Win hide and go seek every time!
Win hide and go seek every time!

If you’re looking for those elusive wires, plumbing pipes or vents behind walls, floors and ceilings, then the PalmScope from General Tools is for you. This leprechaun-sized (it’s even green!) handheld video inspection system simplifies leak, corrosion and crack detection and is perfect for techs, contractors and even the DIY weekend warrior. It might not help you to find the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, but its tiny probing camera is pretty good at finding other “hidden gems” of the construction world. You can get more info or pick up the General Tools DCS950 Palmscope for around $125 on Amazon.

Klein Tools Commander Series Test Kits

You don't have to get testy-let Klein do it for you!
You don’t have to get testy – let Klein do it for you!

If you work with cable, data, communications/video systems or PoE, then you’ll be sure to enjoy Klein Tools’ Commander Series Test Kits. With one tool, you can easily identify troubles on PoE, video, data and cable lines, making your job easier, and your tool belt a little lighter. Chris Niklas, product manager at Klein Tools and wearer of green on St. Patrick’s Day had this to say about these nifty test kits:

Our customers were looking for a comprehensive product that included all the necessary tests and functions to complete a high-end voice/data/video installation, without the big price tag of a ‘certifier’. Klein Tools’ new Commander Series has complete cable testing capabilities, accurate cable measurements, PoE detection, cable location and ID, tone generator, Link Light, active network testing, and even room for hundreds of test reports.

For details about this tester and more great tools, visit

Nordy’s Video Contest Winners

Congrats Winners!
Congrats Winners!

The Oscars of woodworking winners have finally arrived and Rockler Woodworking and Hardware is proud to announce who won the two great prizes in the Academy Choice category and People’s Choice category. Brando Swann won the Academy Choice prize valued at over $1,200 worth of tools and accessories for his video titled “Jack’s Toy Box”. Josh VanderPlater took the top prize in the People’s Choice category for his video “Woodworking through Four Generations”. He walked away with plenty of applause and the Ultimate Finishing Bundle. Take a look at the video highlights here or peruse all the entries in this youtube playlist. Congratulations to all the winners!

Makita AVT Rotary Hammer

Good vibrations
Good vibrations

The new AVT Rotary Hammer is designed for a wide range of concrete jobs from drilling to chipping to full-on demolition. With the lowest vibration rate in its class, it’s still one of the most powerful rotary hammers on the market. A locking trigger feature allows you to demo concrete all day without wearing out your trigger finger in the process. The powerful 11 amp motor ensures that it’s tough enough to get the job done on time, while an air actuated counterbalance reduces vibrations from heavy duty impacts and reduces fatigue. Visit for more information on this and all of their tools.

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