Gyros Rotary Tool Shield and Cut Off Wheels – It’s Not Greek Food

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gyros cut off wheels and disksAh yes, when Gyros first contacted me about doing a review on their product, I was really excited. I hadn’t had lunch yet, and the thought of a delicious plate of Gyros, steaming lamb, a warm pita and that tangy tzatziki sauce sounded absolutely delicious. Wait, what? Gyros actually is a specialized producer of rotary tool accessories? Oh, now I get it. OK, we’ll review that stuff too. But if anyone with tasty Gyros needs a review, I’m still hungry. The tool accessory brand Gyros sent us an assortment of their cut off wheels and disks designed for most typical Dremel or Dremel-esque rotary tools. They also included a shield device that until recently didn’t have much competition in the rotary tool accessories market.

Greek Gyros
Just to clarify - we're reviewing Gyros rotary tool accessories, not the tasty meal seen here. Photo: avlxyz

The Gyros Cut Off Wheels and Fiber Disks come in three formulations depending on what material you intend to punish:

LT Formulation – For cutting Low Tensile-Strength materials like Glass, Plastic, Stone, Ceramic, Wood, Aluminum, Copper, Brass.
HT Formulation – For cutting High Tensile-Strength materials like Hardened and Unhardened Steels, Steel Alloys, Hard Bronze.
ST Formulation – For cutting Super Tensile-Strength materials like Hard Ferrous & Non-Ferrous Metals, Stainless Steel, Titanium, High Nickel Alloys and High Carbon/High Chrome materials.

There are a lot of junk rotary tool cut off wheels out there. Many I have tried disintegrated within seconds. It’s nice to see a company putting a little extra effort into producing wheels designed for specific applications, rather than just the cheapest price.

gyros miniature circular saw
Possibly the smallest circular saw blades you've seen
In addition to their range of fiber cut off wheels, Gyros also offers the smallest circular saw blades you’ve ever seen. I can’t say I personally run into a frequent need for what amounts to a miniature circular saw blade, but you may be more crafty than I am. If you do detailed woodworking, craft work, or are cutting ballusters for your doll house, you’re going to love the Gyros line of rotary saw wheels. They’re available with fine or coarse teeth depending on what you’re cutting and how aggressively you intend to cut.

Whether you’re using the fiber cut off wheels, or their miniature circular saw blades, Gyros strongly encourages you to use their Rotary Tool Shield. Don’t be deceived by the size of rotary tool accessories. Thanks to very high RPMS, they are perfectly capable of doing some serious digit-severing or major eye injury. I was glad to see their rotary tool shield on the market. It has always seemed a little dicey to use cutoff rotary accessories without any type of shield on the tool. In the past I’ve been known to wear a face shield when doing up-close cut-off work with a rotary tool.

gyros rotary tool safety shield

The Gyros Rotary Tool Shield screws onto the tool where the end cap normally resides. You attach and tighten the 1/8″ shank and then screw the shield into place. From there you slide in whatever cut off wheel or saw blade you’d like and then screw the accessory in place through a recess at the end of the rotary shield.

gyros safety shield
Gyros Safety Shield is limited to disk accessories that attach by screw
While this design provides maximum protection, it also limits you to disk-like accessories that use a screw to attach to the shank. I had an up-close detail grinding project and tried to use the grinding accessory with the Gyros shield and it just didn’t work. However, for the accessories it’s actually designed for, the Gyros Rotary Tool Shield provides excellent protection and does a great job of collecting debris that normally showers a good portion of the work bench.

dremel a550 shield
Dremel's answer to the rotary safety shield
Dremel also recently released their own Shield attachment with the A550 Shield Rotary Attachment. Like the Gyros version, it’s designed to redirect flying debris and sparks while cutting, sanding, grinding or polishing materials. The Shield Rotary Tool Attachment has a suggested retail price of $14.99 USD. Unlike the Gyros shield, the Dremel appears to provide substantially less shield area. While that might appear to provide less safety, it also dramatically increases how many accessories the shield can be used with.

It probably won’t satisfy your craving for tasty Greek food, but you can still find the Gyros Rotary Tool Safety Shield for around $15 and their Cutting Wheels Accessory Pack for just under $30 on Amazon. Tzatziki sauce not included.

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