SureSill Flashing Products – ‘Cause Replacing Rotted Door and Window Frames Sucks

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suresill-flashing-productsSureSill is an easy to use flashing system designed for installation on both windows and doors. It protects against moisture, rot and mold resulting from water seepage through jambs and around doors and windows. The “Sloped Sill Pan” offers structural support along with a positive slope to the exterior, so water drains away from your window or door. The pan accommodates any door or window up to 12 1/2 feet wide, although custom sizes are available on request. Sills and pans can be cut to the desired length and installed easily using PVC cement. Additional flashing products include the Sloped HeadFlash and SureCorner. So why use SureSill?  

Without the proper head flashing, water drips and seeps into the joints at the tops of doors and windows. Likewise, without the slope pan, water accumulates at the base and either seeps in or is driven underneath by wind.

All SureSill products install level with openings, which may cause a bit of skepticism for some of the cynics out there. “How the hell is it supposed to keep out water if it planes out with the opening?” Well, the trick is a recessed dam that allows water to flow away. The dam is hidden, so it won’t mar the look of your door and threshold. Their design concepts are based on the old, “water runs downhill” adage. (I learned this particular adage in a slightly different way, I believe from my grandfather; although his claim wasn’t that water ran downhill, but that ummm…something else did.)

SureSill products are widely available at building supply centers and home improvement stores. You can contact them for a supplier near you. They offer a 10-year limited warranty on all flashing products.

(For more about flashing and the damage non-use can cause, see the article “Flashing Tape: Redundant but Often Necessary“.)

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  1. Since all products are white, I will need to convince clients that the material is going to be paintable & be long lasting. Will you ever consider introducing a few other colors?


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