Hammerhead 4V Screwdriver is Handsome and Handy

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Several nicely-lit tools have come across my work bench lately. This one, courtesy of Hammerhead Tools, is their new 4V Lithium rechargeable screwdriver. It’s a new take on an old standard which features a surprisingly bright LED work light right in the palm of your hand.

I have been happy to see  just how good the lights on cordless tools have gotten over the last few years. The LED “headlight” started showing up on tools a few years ago, and thankfully, they have gotten better at about the same rate that my eyes have gotten worse! On-tool lights (which started out as dull little lights that were handy in a dark closet or crawlspace) have, in many cases, developed into a real, useful features for everyday use. There can never be too much light when it comes to performing accurate and tidy work.

This little tool throws a lot of light on the job.
This little tool throws a lot of light on the job.

Hammerhead Tools is an interesting new player in the power tool space. I have had the chance to check out several of their products, and although I’m a little confused as to what their target market is (mostly consumer/DIY?), they have some cool products. The name “Hammerhead” is a little misleading to me… they do sell a hammer drill, an electric impact and a cordless right-angle impact/drill, but the majority of their products are more on the high-tech side. Line lasers and laser levels make up the majority of their lineup, and I have liked what I’ve tried out so far. Be that as it may, the new cordless rechargeable screwdriver seems to fit somewhere in between the impact tools and the fancy measuring gear.

To me, the cordless screwdriver has really only ever been practical as an electrician’s tool, and the Hammerhead folks seem to recognize that. This model is targeted directly at electricians, and features an integrated wire stripper, wire bender and an AC non-contact live-wire detector (trademarked as Circuit-Sensor Technology.) The forward and reverse is controlled by a comfortable twist/ring thumb control. When not running, the shaft locks to work like a regular screwdriver without having to activate a locking button. AND, best of all, the nifty and well placed headlight really throws a lot of light inside those dark electrical boxes. These are really nice features in what could have been just another lighter-duty cordless screwdriver.

Hammerhead has included a wire stripper.
Hammerhead has included a wire stripper.

Another interesting feature is the USB charging cable with removable AC plug. This means that you can probably charge it off the same cable that charges your phone. Other Hammerhead tools, like the Laser Measuring Tool also use the USB charger, which reduces the number of chargers you need to carry to a job – theoretically, anyway.

The Circuit-Sensor detects live wires.
The Circuit-Sensor detects live wires.

4V Lithium Rechargeable Screwdriver Specs:

  • Battery Voltage: 4V DC Lithium
  • No-Load Speed: 230 RPM
  • Collet Size/Type: 1/4 in. Hex
  • Detection Voltage Range: 100-230V AC
  • Wire Stripping Capacity: 12/14/16/18/20 AWG
  • Wire Bending Capacity: 9 AWG
  • Charge Time: Within 2 hours
  • Warranty: 2+1 year limited

Hammerhead has come a long way in the last year, and I’m interested to see what they come out with next. You can find the Hammerhead 4V Screwdriver (along with some favorable reviews) for around $40 on Amazon.

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  1. I want to buy this Hammerhead screwdriver, but saw on Amazon a user review said this unit caught fire by itself, it causes me serious concern. Do you aware of any other occasions that ii causes as reported?


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