Mirror, Mirror on the Wall, You Need a Little Overhaul – How to Frame a Mirror

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I’ve been on a home improvement kick for awhile now. And lately, the mirror in our guest bathroom has been silently begging for my attention even though I have never once asked it for advice or its opinion. Obviously, it’s mistaken me for royalty. However, I don’t run on a princess budget. Between you and me, if I did have a royal budget, the mirror wouldn’t make the cut in this castle. I would replace it in the poof of a magic wand. But, this isn’t a fairy tale. And this easy mirror upgrade does not require anywhere near the budget of a princess. In fact, framing in a bathroom mirror is a minor tweak that will add a touch of class to your entire bathroom. And it’s very simple and affordable.

Pick a Frame, Any Frame

Before the magical transformation.
Before the magical transformation.

When my castle was being constructed, the builders spared no in-expense. The mirror that I’ve chosen to frame is a simple, flat mirror that’s mounted with the super cheap mirror clips. That translates into great potential for improvement for peasant folk like me. And there are several framing options to choose from. Wood boards, wood or faux wood trim, or tile all work well.

Miter Away

My favorite tool is this old Dewalt miter saw of mine.
My favorite tool is this old Dewalt miter saw of mine.

I chose to frame the mirror in with some wood trim pieces that were leftover from a previous project. I was a little short, so I headed down to my Home Depot to pick up another length of trim and to find the right adhesive for the project. The Home Depot guys cut the length of my trim pieces for me. I had them leave an extra inch in length so I could miter the corners. Although you wouldn’t have to miter your corners with some boards or trim, the trim I was working with required mitering to fit together in a visually appealing way.
After the miters were cut, I measured where the fancy mirror clips would lie, and I marked the back of the trim. I then used a Dremel to sand a groove into the backside of the trim pieces for the mirror clips.
Sand out grooves for the mirror clips.
Sand out grooves for the mirror clips.

This helps the trim to lie flush up against the mirror. Next, I painted the trim to match the woodwork throughout the rest of the bathroom.

A Sticky Situation

An adhesive specifically for mirrors is a must!
An adhesive specifically for mirrors is a must!

When I was choosing an adhesive, I discovered that I shouldn’t use any old adhesive to mount the trim to the mirror. Since the adhesive will be in a bathroom, it will be exposed to more humidity than the average adhesive. Plus, a mirror is a slick and slippery surface to adhere anything to. It’s important to make sure to choose an adhesive product that’ll be appropriate for the job.

Once I’d selected a good adhesive, I used a caulk gun to bead and draw the adhesive down the length of the board. I started with the lowest horizontal trim piece and built up from there as the adhesive set.

A Fairy Tale Ending

The miters matched up nicely, and the mirror literally went from positively provincial to plush primacy in no time. Even my young uns were astounded when they noticed the change. And they noticed the change on their own, which says a lot.

I like the new look so much that if I actually were a princess I might keep this dear old mirror after all! The moral to this fairy tale is: if you are looking for a simple and totally inexpensive bathroom upgrade, start with the mirror, and make a change.

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