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Casters under bed frames or mobile furniture like filing cabinets can be very handy to move furniture around when cleaning or rearranging. Since those two events are relatively rare for most people, it’s quite common for the wheels to instead wear out the floor finish. And, when it comes to bed frames, many people complain about the bed rolling around when it’s not supposed to. We’ll leave what “when it’s not supposed to” up to your imagination. After discovering that the bed in our guest room had managed to completely scrape off the finish of our hardwood flooring, I set out on a quest to find the ideal product to answer the age-old question of how to stop bed frame rolling. This quest led me to Slipstick Grippers, which claimed a non-slip, non-skid, non-marring solution to securing just about any piece of furniture that’s on wheels.

How to Stop Bed Frame Rolling

This is what the floor under our guest bed looked like – not pretty!

First I have to confess, the only reason I went searching for this solution to protect our flooring and secure our furniture was that the space-saving under-bed storage bins my wife recently bought to store off-season clothing were about 1/8″ to tall to fit under the old bed frame in our guest room. When I discovered this, I also discovered that years of moving that bed around, which could occur from something as simple as gently bumping into it, had eaten away what’s left of the finish on our hardwood flooring.

The Slipstick Gripper installed – securing the bed AND protecting the floor!

The Slipstick Gripper has a rubber o-ring on the bottom and a recessed groove on the top. When placed under a bed caster it not only immobilizes the bed but also protects your floor finish. It enjoys insanely-positive reviews on Amazon. With over 1,400 reviews, almost 90% were five star and nearly all the rest were four star. Some of those reviews are also quite colorful and fun to read. One of the more PG-rated reviews stated, “Certain activities were causing unwanted movement of the bed resulting in a decrease in satisfaction for those occupying said bed. We added the slipsticks into the mix and the results were immediate. Movement of the bed is no longer an issue and we have been enjoying the newfound sturdiness of our bed.” When your mom told you to use protection, she probably wasn’t thinking about your bed frame and flooring, but apparently the Slipstick Gripper has a special niche of popularity.

Slipstick Gripper for Wheeled-Furniture Other Than Beds

If you need to vacuum under your furniture, you’re stoked when it has casters. The wheels make it easy to slide something like a file cabinet or wheeled chest of drawers out of the way. However if you prefer to keep your furniture in one place, casters aren’t the greatest. Even casters that lock have such a tiny surface area actually touching the floor, one nudge and the furniture not only moves out of place but probably scratches your flooring as well.

The Slipstick gripper keeping a wheeled set of drawers from destroying newer hardwood flooring.

As the art supplies for our two daughters recently started to take over every square inch of our entire home, we bought a wheeled chest of drawers to sequester them away (the art supplies, not the daughters). The problem was, this new wheeled furniture was going on a newly-finished section of hardwood flooring. I bought four more Slipstick Grippers and placed them under each caster. The result was a rock-solid chest of drawers and flooring that will still look as good as new when we ultimately move that piece out of the room in the future.

Slipstick Gripper Key Features

  • Caster cups are ideal for 2″ diameter (50 mm) wheels up to 2-1/4″ wide
  • Patented rubber O-ring bottom keeps floors perfect by preventing unwanted movement
  • Pack of 4 non-slip caster cups support up to 550 lbs (250 kg) per cup
Use the Slipstick Gripper and help your flooring avoid this fate.

Any Downsides to the Slipstick Gripper?

One thing worth noting here, if your bed or wheeled furniture is located in the corner of a room, getting the Slipstick Gripper that’s in the far corner under the caster can be a real challenge. It is also worth noting, (duh), that once you place a bed or other piece of furniture on the Slipstick Grippers, it might as well not have wheels on it. You will no longer be easily able to roll the furniture around without some significant effort in lifting it off the grippers. Those two details aside, they are awesome for their intended purpose, they secure your wheeled furniture and protect your floor.

If you’re looking to find a non-slip solution to stop bed frame rolling or to protect your flooring from other furniture with casters, it’s hard for me to imagine anything better than the Slipstick Gripper. It lives up to its promise of maximum grip and ultimate floor protection. Slipstick also has confidence in their product: “This product is protected by a bulletproof 5-year warranty: if it breaks, cracks, or fails to do its function in anyway, just tell us and we’ll send you a free replacement, no questions asked.” We have had ours in place for a couple years now and they’re all still doing great. Buy yourself a pack or two and you’ll never wonder how to stop bed frame rolling again!

slipstick gripper retail
Slipstick Gripper comes in packs of four, in two delicious colors

A four pack of Slipstick Gripper is available in Caramel or Chocolate (delicious!) for just under $12 via Amazon.

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