Husky 1500 lb Capacity Portable Workbench – Clamp-able Workbench And Router Table On The Go

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Husky portable workbench

What's This?This post is sponsored by The Home Depot. Like many, I struggle with one of the most fundamental aspects of “doing things”. That is, having surfaces to actually do the things on. I’m often forced to dig out the inadequate saw horses or my undersized folding workbenches (or even work directly on the ground). So The Home Depot sent us some Husky 1,500 lb. capacity portable workbenches to try out. They have metal clamp rails, a built-in router table, on-board accessory storage and a respectably large work surface: all in a format that packs neatly and is easy to carry around. Let’s see what it has to offer!

It’s Bring Your Bench To Work Day

Husky portable workbench
The portable workbench packs flat and weighs a little under 19 lbs., making it easy to load up and take with you.

Husky’s portable workbench has proven quite useful in my shop. But it really earns its keep when I’m working outside, away from the utility carts and wooden workbenches I’m used to. The portability and functionality are both welcome features, even if most of my “job sites” are in my own shop, home, or back yard.

Husky portable workbench
Husky portable workbench

No matter how far your jobsite, the shear usefulness of the portable workbench will have you busting it out on many occasions. I’m even considering throwing a table cloth over a couple and using them as auxiliary serving tables for Thanksgiving dinner. Then, right back to the shop they’ll go.

Miter saw station
It’s a nice height for a miter saw station.

The bench measures approx. 34-1/2” x 21-1/2” (with a slightly wider stance of 38.6” x 25.6”) and 32” tall. It feels just about the right height for the average person. I’m around 5’7” and can just as comfortably operate the router table as stain a cabinet on top of it, without feeling like I might strain my back.

Drilling for lag bolt
It’s also the perfect height for many other tasks.

Fast, Easy Assembly – Quadrupedal Connections

On-board storage
The legs and accessory organizer latch firmly in place. Nothing comes loose or gets left behind.

While the Husky portable workbench does not have folding legs, you’ll still be set up and ready to go in under a minute. And that’s if you do it slowly (perhaps for dramatic effect). The legs store securely in nooks underneath the bench. When it’s time to set up, just release the catches, put the legs in the sockets and give them a twist. Teardown is just as simple, only with a counter-clockwise twist.

Leg connector
Toolless assembly; just insert and twist.
Swiveling feet
Swiveling feet always sit flat.

Husky 1,500 lb. Capacity Portable Workbench – Large Enough To Actually Be Useful

Large work surface
The 34-1/2” x 21-1/2” work surface is plenty large for most tasks.

The “biggest” problem I’ve had with my other portable workbenches – and most others I’ve seen – is that the work surfaces are too small. Sure, saw horses can act as a potentially larger makeshift work bench, but it requires a pair (plus a piece of plywood or other material to serve as a table top).

Work support extensions
Use the included brackets with 2×4’s to expand the effective size of the top.

In a lot of cases, a single Husky portable workbench can replace a pair of saw horses. If you need an even bigger surface, the included brackets can be used along with a couple 2×4’s (and maybe some plywood or an old door) to give yourself a larger area of support for your workpiece. Or, even better, use two or more portable workbenches side by side.

Bracketeer – Multi-Purpose 2×4 Brackets

2x4 brackets
Screws are not necessary to hold the brackets in place. But they are included and should be installed to hold everything together – in case of uneven load – when using the brackets to make a larger work surface.

Four 2×4 brackets are included. They can be used to expand the size of your work area or to hang cords, air hoses and other things.

Miter saw wing extensions
The brackets can be used to support extension wings for your miter saw. Photo –
Hanger bracket
When I’m not mowing the grass, I like to hang extensions cords from brackets.
2-by support
The brackets are also a good way to support 2-by material on edge. Photo –

Clamping Your Style – Husky Portable Workbench Clamp Rails

Husky bench with clamp rails
Secure your workpiece to the portable bench and cut with peace of mind.

My favorite feature is the pair of clamp rails. They give you an easy way to hold things fast to the bench top, which is quite useful when cutting lumber or sheet goods. The rails work with F-clamps having a 2” throat capacity, such as the DeWalt model DWHT83849 and these Bessey clamps, both of which run right under $5 each.

2" F-clamps
No clamps are included, and all but one of mine were too large to fit into the rails. So I bought these DeWalts at The Home Depot. (See? It really is true that you can never have too many clamps.)
Held firmly in place
It’s nice to be able to cut without the wood moving all over the place.
Accessories organizer
There’s even room in the accessories organizer to store a pair of clamps.

Husky Portable Workbench As A Router Table

Mounted router
DeWalt router mounted in the plate. Note that you’ll have to remove your router’s plastic sole plate to find holes that line up.

The most notable feature of this workbench is that it has a router plate. I’ve never seen this portable workbench / router table combination before. Let me say right up front that you should probably not buy this with the intention of it being your shop’s primary router table.

It is a genuinely usable router table, yes. But you’re not going to get the precision you’d want for, say, your fine furniture projects. The surface just isn’t flat enough.

Husky portable workbench router mounting
The plate lifts out for easy access router installation.

The router plate is pre-drilled for several major brand mounting standards. But don’t expect it to accommodate just any old router. I tried every router I personally own (I don’t exactly have the most robust, modern router collection). The only ones I have with matching bolt patterns are my full-sized DeWalt (I have the DW6184 base) and my full-sized Porter Cable (base #1001; the router body itself lives in the lift of my main router table). I’m not trying to scare you away, just give you realistic expectations.

Router plate throat inserts
It comes with three different router plate inserts: 0.49” (12.5 mm), 1.18” (30 mm) and 1.77” (45 mm).

So Which Routers Will Work?

Router roulette
Here are the ones I tried. The two up front work just fine with the Husky portable workbench.

I couldn’t find a list of compatible routers to share with you. But I did read in the product Q&A that some full-sized Bosch routers will work (and possibly Ridgid). And I know my full-sized DeWalt and Porter Cable routers mount with no problem. That gives you at least three options; most likely there are more.

Universal-ish router plate
With the bottom of the router plate having this ribbed design, I’d be wary of drilling new holes to accommodate other routers. It may compromise the strength of the plate.

Trim routers are ruled out pretty much across the board, their bases are too small for just about any full-sized router table plate, by any brand.

Fencing Operation – Adjustable Router Table Fence

Router fence using included hardware
Router fence attached with included hardware. You can see in this picture why I say the router table might not be as accurate as you’d need for precision work. The table isn’t perfectly flat, with peaks at the clamp rails.

Husky provides the hold-down hardware for a router fence. But you’ll have to cut your own fence from a piece of 2×4. No big deal though, it’s only one notch and two holes. I started by ripping a length of 2×4 to a width of about 2-1/2 to 3 inches. I made sure the cut edge – which will go down on the table – was perfectly straight so the fence doesn’t rock. Then I marked and cut the notch with a handsaw and chisel and drilled slightly oversized holes at the drill press.

Fence in place with clamps
If you’d rather use your clamps on the fence, you can do that too.

1,500 Pound Gorilla – Husky Portable Workbench

Husky load
A husky load atop a Husky portable workbench.

They say the bench can support a whopping 3/4 of a U.S. Ton! I did not test this claim. However, I did plop my plump posterior down on top of it (despite the notice molded right into the plastic top, saying not to sit or stand on it) – as well as various other moderately heavy loads (tool boxes, piles of wood and misc. junk) – and never felt at all like it was in danger of collapse. But I never came remotely close to the 1,500 lb. limit.

Husky benches at work
For real world needs, the workbench is going to support pretty much anything you’re working on.

I suspect that if you properly distributed the load across the top – and didn’t sneeze too hard or think impure thoughts – it probably would support that kind of weight. Frankly though, I wouldn’t try it. Maybe, if I really had to, across two of these workbenches positioned side by side. But would you ever really need or want to?

The rated load capacity is referring to weight properly distributed on the bench top. Lateral loads, however, are a different story. This is not something you’re going to want to lean on with all your weight. Nor will you want to stand a bunch of heavy material against it.

Husky Portable Workbench – A Welcome Addition: In And Out Of The Shop

Husky portable workbench
A versatile workbench in a compact, easy-to-carry package. Photo –

You’ve heard the good and bad. Despite the minor issues regarding the router table feature, my experience has been rather positive. Really, the only negative aspects are that (1) a lot of routers are not going to be compatible and (2) the top is a little wavy, so you may not get consistent depth with some routing operations. For others, it won’t matter as much.

Carrying handle
The handle folds out of the way when not in use.

The good points, however, are everything else! I love the large bench top. I like how the legs and accessories organizer lock into place and how the bench can be stored in such a narrow footprint (comparable to that of most folding saw horses). I especially like the clamping rails; for me, that’s a biggie. Finally, the router table option is a really nice (and unexpected) bonus! Personally, I probably won’t use it much as a router table. But some of you may find it an invaluable asset.

The way I see it, this is what saw horses would be if they were completely different and a lot more useful; and what other portable workbenches would be if they weren’t so tiny. Being such a great utility item, this workbench is going to get used quite often.

Husky backs this baby with a 2-year limited warranty. Priced a little under $80, you’ll definitely get your money’s worth.

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  1. Great table but I broke one of the router plate “red inserts” and can’t find out how to reorder a new set of these inserts.

  2. I can confirm that the Bosch 1617EVS fixed base router is compatible with this husky Router plate I’m very happy with this table especially if you work in a small workshop

  3. Your review is the best I have seen, and it is also humorous and well-written, especially including the information about the clamps and routers, as well as the uneven surface of the router table, although it will work for most applications. Thanks again for a great review!


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