Husky Tool Bags Offer Multiple Ways To Schlep And Protect

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husky tool bags

What's This?This post is sponsored by The Home Depot. The first thing most of us do when assigned a new project – whether by The Boss, or by your significant other, who for simplicity’s sake will also be referred to as The Boss – is to try to figure out what tools will be needed, and to get busy rounding them up. In my case, the “rounding up” portion of the festivities sometimes takes longer than the actual project itself. The folks at Husky can’t do much to remedy my pathetic organizational skills. Assuming I succeed in locating them, though, they CAN make it easier to schlep those tools to the project location, with their varied assortment of Husky tool bags. In this post, we’ll take a look at some of what they have to offer.

husky tool bags
Husky tool bags and boxes are available in a wide variety of sizes and shapes.

Although Husky tool boxes are also available in metal and plastic versions, we’ll be looking primarily at their lineup of nylon bags. Available in a variety of sizes and configurations, most of these bags are constructed of rugged water-resistant 600 – 1,680 denier nylon; pretty tough stuff, as demonstrated by the Austrian strongman in the video below. They’re great for permanent storage of tools and accessories, and many of them are also a perfect choice when it’s time to round up a bunch of random tools, and head out to tackle the project du jour. That’s French for “get to work!”

The Emperor’s New Tools

With the growing popularity of cordless power tools, more and more are being offered as “bare tools” – which means exactly what it sounds like. You get the tool – period. No charger, no battery…and no case to store it in. Sometimes this is a great way to bolster your tool collection; if you already have a charger and one or more batteries, it can save you a fair bit of cash.

Even bare tools can be expensive, though, and it’s a good idea to provide some protection when you store and transport them. Additionally, most tools require other accessories: Blades, bits, sanding pads, blasting caps, etc. Without some way to keep the tool and its related accessories together, things quickly get scattered everywhere, leading to more “round-up” time in your future. When I buy a bare tool, I almost always buy a “right-sized” tool bag to store it in.

husky tool bags
My bare tools don’t stay bare for long…

Sometimes, I’ll check online to get a brand-specific bag to match the tool I bought. More often, though, I’ll just check the stash at the Home Depot during one of my multiple weekly visits. They always have a great variety of sizes, and the quality of the Husky tool bags they carry is usually as good as or better than the name-brand bags. Here’s a video overview of the 12” and 18” zippered Husky tool bags:

Husky Tool Bags For Every Occasion – And Every Tool

Although most of the bags I buy are used to stow a particular tool and its accessories, like my old Bosch MX25 oscillating multitool, a brad nailer, and my Makita circular saw, I’ve also bought a couple of “Odd-job” bags. One of them, seen in the photo near the beginning of this post, sits in a five-gallon bucket. Between the huge open center space and the dozens of pockets, I can schlep a LOT of tools at once.

husky tool bags
Even the smaller Husky tool bags hold a good amount of “stuff”…
husky tool bags
Best of all, it’s all in one place when it’s time to get to work.

Another popular subspecies in the category is the lineup of open-top Husky tool bags. Available in various sizes, and with a rugged carrying handle that folds down out of the way, these bags can carry a good bit in the way of tools and accessories, both inside the bag and in the numerous pockets and sleeves around the outside. Some of them even have hook-and-loop straps, for securing short lengths of pipe or other odd-shaped items.

husky tool bags
The open top Husky tool bags have space for a good assortment of tools…
husky tool bags
The beefy handle folds down, and some bags have hook-and-loop straps.

Most of the open-top Husky tool bags have carrying straps along with their handles, and some include a heavy-duty pull-out tray with removable dividers. The amount and variety of tools and accessories these bags can carry makes them a great choice for tradespeople or DIYers, and they’d also make a great catch-all homeowner’s toolbox.

husky tool bags
A removable tray makes access to the inside stuff easy.

Want to make tool transport time even easier? Choose one of the Husky rolling tool totes, like the rolling tote we reviewed. With a telescoping handle and two rugged wheels, it’ll make your tool dragging a lot easier at the end of the day, when something else may be dragging…

husky tool bags
Tool transport made easy – the Husky rolling tool totes

Husky Tool Bags – Ready To Help Instill Some Tool Discipline

Good tools and accessories are expensive. Carrying them around without some kind of protection will eventually end badly, either for the tool, or for some unsuspecting body part that comes in contact with it. A tool bag is a relatively inexpensive way to provide that protection, with the added benefit of providing storage for the accessories that make the tool more useful.

husky tool bags
When The Boss says Go, you’ll be ready!

If you have tools and accessories – and body parts – to protect, check out the wide variety of Husky tool bags available at the Home Depot. They’re guaranteed for three to five years, depending on the bag. And if they’re rugged enough to withstand an Austrian strongman, or even the Humvee in the video below, they should be up to the task of schlepping and protecting your drills and multitools.

Buy Husky Tool Bags from the Home Depot:

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