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homefixated-tool-news-nirvanaWe’ve got news of some new tools from IRWIN Marples that are not only high quality and well designed, but the saw blades they’re now turning out will give you a new corner on cool, as they will be imported from Italy, thank you very much.  Be sure to mention this fact, oh so casually, to every visitor to your shop – you will see the envy in their eyes – kind of like if you just bought a sleek Italian sports car…  OK, that’s crap but it’s kind of cool to have high precision tools from the land of romance, right?  And, we bring you news of a buy-1-get-1-free deal from Makita.  Check it out and take advantage of it before Labor Day.  Also, check out the savings from Hitachi with their build-your-own finish nailer kit that can save you between 20% and 40%.  Channellock is doing some crazy “re-shoring” with their Code Blue plier line relaunch. Keen has more Utility boots that make your granpa’s old work boots like like flip-flops. Finally, we share the details of the new General Tools & Instruments MMD7NP – sounds like an engine model, right?  But it’s a cool pinless moisture meter that takes the technology of checking for H2O up to a new level.

New Tools From IRWIN Marples

IRWIN Marples saw bladesThe folks at IRWIN Marples have expanded their collection with a set of woodworking series saw blades and the bevel edge chisel line.  The saw blades are laser cut and feature extra-sharp, oversized carbide teeth for long life and multiple re-sharpenings. The aluminum matrix coating on the blades is heat resistant and non-stick to keep gumming to a minimum. Sets are available in 10 and 12″ diameter, and in an 8″ stacked dado set. In addition to the actual features of these blades, there’s an extra coolness factor too: IRWIN has partnered with Giorgio Pozzo, CEO and owner of FLAI saw blade manufacturing in Udine, Italy, who will oversee the production of these babies in IRWIN’s new high-tech manufacturing facility located in Udine, Italy. The woodworking series saw blades range in price from $28.00 to $100.00. For more details check out the IRWIN Marples website. And check out this first-hand coverage from our buddy Rob Robillard for more details (he went to Italy for their media event, lucky bastard!):

And There’s Also a New Chisel Line

marples-woodworking-chiselThe bevel edge chisel line consists of three separate sets of tools. First is the woodworking chisel. The blade is designed for precision, sharpness and edge retention. The handle is slim and ergonomic for maximum precision and control, and it’s designed with a wooden mallet in mind. Next is the construction chisel, which is a good all-purpose chisel. The handle is designed to withstand hammer impacts, and the blade is hardened and tempered for multiple applications. Last is the high-impact chisel, which features a  fully forged steel core for durability in demanding jobs. The steel strike cap is extra large and designed for repeating hammer strikes at varying angles. Each chisel is available in multiple sizes and various piece sets.

Channellock is Re-Shoring Code Blue Plier Line

channellock-code-blueWhat’s that you say? You’ve never heard of “re-shoring?” Well, that’s probably because very little of it has happened in this country in the last decade or so. While the metal goodness of the Code Blue plier line has been made in the USA, it seems those grips have been made somewhere “off-shore” in the past, and we’re pretty sure it wasn’t Hawaii. To coincide with their relaunch of the Code Blue line, Channellock has brought production back to the US with newly designed American-made grips. Channellock sent us a long nose and tongue and groove samples to play around with. The action on the needle nose felt olympic-sharpshooter-precise. The grips felt comfortable and seemed durable. So, what’s Channellock missing? We’d still love to see them get into the game with Knipex, Irwin and Milwaukee with a push-button style plier. If you were to ask me a couple years ago who would be the most likely competitor to Knipex’s great pliers, I would have said Channellock in a heartbeat. If they do step into the ring, we’ll be sure to let you know about it.

Code Blue is now 100% Made in the USA

Buy 1 Get 1 Free Deal From Makita

Makita tool kitIf you’re a fan of 18V LXT Lithium-Ion tools from Makita, listen up. For a limited time Makita is offering a deal on 18V LXT Lithium-Ion kits, (that’s a tool plus a battery): If you buy one, you get your choice of another 18V LXT Lithium-Ion tool free. This offer is valid on qualifying purchases until August 31st. Check out the list of designated tool kits and free tools here.

Build Your Own Hitachi Finish Nailer Kit

Hitachi nailer kitHitachi’s got a good deal going that lets you save between 20% and 40% on sets of nailers and compressors that you choose yourself.  Buy one nailer from their assortment of five finish nailers – get 20% off the nailer and compressor; buy two nailers – get 30% off nailers plus compressor; buy three and get 40% off the whole shebang. This is available only at Lowe’s. You’ll find everything in the compressor aisle.

Keen Utility Continues to Innovate

Keen’s new Wenatche
Our friends over at Keen aren’t content to kick back with their already extensive line of utility footwear. They’re showing off some new Fall additions, including the Wenatchee and Milwaukee boots. The Wenatchee looks ready to stomp through just about every grimy, oily, dirty and wet job site you can dish out. It also features the new Keen Welt construction, where Keen’s signature toe cap and the outsole are molded as one solid piece. The result helps prevent delamination. I’ve had a boot (not a Keen model) delaminate completely on a hike. Let me say that hiking on rugged mountain terrain without the sole of your boot attached isn’t particularly fun. Even less so on a job site. Keen also rolled out the new Milwaukee boot, which has an optional Metatarsal Guard. The guard not only makes you look like you’re sporting foot armor from a post-apocalyptic sci-fi flick, but it also protects the top of your foot, where five long bones are normally vulnerable to smashing. The guard also likely does a good job of keep sawdust, iron filings or other debris out of your boot and laces.

KEEN_Milwaukee Met Boot_1007978_Black
Don’t like broken Metatarsal bones? Keen has you covered!

Moisture Meter That Won’t Mess Things Up – the MMD7NP

General Tools MMD7NPGeneral Tools & Instruments has come out with a non-invasive, non-marring moisture meter you can use without fear of messing up your work material – the MMD7NP, a pinless model. Pinless means you’re not having to jab two giant prongs into your treasured piece of wood just to check moisture levels. Good for woodworking, building and construction, and flooring, it passes up competitors with these features: there’s a backlit display, not found on lots of other moisture meters, and it delivers a wider measurement range, deeper measurement depth, and finer material definition. The thing can differentiate between hardwood and softwood, can measure the moisture content of drywall, masonry or concrete, and can detect moisture below the surface of carpets and subflooring, and of course that often most exciting use for the homeowner; locating water leaks above ceilings, below floors or behind walls. Two buttons on the front of the MMD7NP allow you to switch the measurement mode to match the material (i.e., hardwood, softwood, drywall or masonry).  The maximum sensing depth is 3/4”.

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