Almost as Good as a Double Rainbow: The Kleen-Screen

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For me, one of the best feelings in the world is coming into an air-conditioned building from having walked around outside in the heat. It’s instant, amazing gratification. Maybe that’s why I like Las Vegas so much? While my happy reaction pales in comparison to, say, how this guy feels when he sees a double rainbow, it still ranks up there as awesome.

But there’s a high price to pay for glorious air conditioning: Your air conditioning unit uses a lot of energy, which can result in chunky energy bills during the dog days of summer. The best thing you can do to reduce both is to make sure your air conditioning unit is running as efficiently as possible, and one way to help that happen is with a product we stumbled across called the Kleen-Screen.

When your air conditioning unit or A/C coil system is exposed to the elements you run the risk of having bits of debris getting stuck on the coils and filters. Things like pollen, dandelions, cottonwood, grass clippings, and animal hair (things we used to refer to as “Mother Nature’s dandruff” when we were kids) can easily clog up your air conditioning unit or coil system. This makes your air conditioner run more sluggish and you may find yourself cranking the A/C up and up just to get it your home to a normal cool level.

The Kleen-Screen is a customizable filter (just cut it with scissors to fit) that you attach magnetically to your air coil unit. It allows air to get sucked in, but keeps “Mother Nature’s dandruff” from getting stuck in your A/C coils. You do need to clean it in order to reap the energy-saving benefits, but cleaning the Kleen-Screen is far, far easier than cleaning your air conditioning unit. A simple wipe with a debris brush or microfibre cloth does the trick.

The Kleen-Screen can be installed on air conditioning coil areas up to 39” tall x 120” around – which covers most of what’s on the market. With scissors, you simply trim it down to size if needed. The cost is $24.95 and comes with a 2-year warranty. Keep that A/C coming, baby!

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