Knipex Compact Bolt Cutters

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Knipex Compact Bolt Cutters

Let’s talk about an unsung hero of the tool world. Bolt cutters. Ever since their development in the 19th century, they’ve maintained an indispensable role in garages, trucks, and toolboxes everywhere. Most commonly used to remove bolts, cut chain, or gain emergency access, they’re extremely useful. In a nod to lessons from your high school trigonometry teacher, they use long handles and compound hinges for leverage to cut. However, historically these tools have been two-handed to use, and fairly bulky. Through some innovative engineering, the newest Knipex Compact Bolt Cutters put this compound leverage in the palm of your hand. We’ll learn about the latest release in this edition of Tool News Nirvana.

Knipex Compact Bolt Cutters: Superhuman Leverage

The name Knipex has a certain caché in the tool world. We reviewed one of the flagship Knipex tools and love them. Products from this family-owned German manufacturer are top-quality, high-precision, and priced accordingly. A few years ago, they began releasing a line of innovative bolt cutters, known as Knipex CoBolt®. These are handheld tools, similar in size to (or smaller than) your favorite 9” tongue-and-groove pliers. However, the CoBolt® pliers can easily cut screws, bolts, nails, wire – pretty much anything you can fit in the jaws. The amount of force these things can generate is quite impressive!

Knipex Compact Bolt Cutters
Knipex Compact Bolt Cutters: A small way to get big cutting power

Recently, the Knipex CoBolt® S Compact Bolt Cutters were released. Similar in form and function to the other cutters in the lineup, these have updated handles meant for small hands. They’d be useful for people who might find it ergonomically challenging to efficiently use full-sized pliers. Here at HomeFixated, we love product releases like this. They make work more accessible and comfortable for everyone, which is a great thing.

Knipex Compact Bolt Cutters
Knipex Compact Bolt Cutters: Well-designed for smaller hands

The new additions to the line of Knipex cutters have induction-hardened blades for durability. They’re built from hardened chrome vanadium steel and are 6.29 inches long in the shortest version. Model 71 01 160 has plain, straight blades, while the blades on the model 71 31 160 have a small recess for easier cutting of thicker wires. Find them now at your favorite Knipex distributor.

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