News Nirvana – Panasonic Drivers, Metabo 5.2 AH, Milwaukee M18 LED, a Woodworking Cruise & More!

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Fall has arrived and your honey-do home improvement list just got a whole lot longer. Raking the leaves, putting on the storm doors and getting the garden cleaned up are just the tip of the iceberg tasks when compared with most fall home maintenance checklists. But don’t worry; this edition of News Nirvana is here to help. We’ve brought you all sorts of new tools to help with your fall home maintenance blues. So put away the lawnmower, get out the rake and throw on a jacket—it’s time to watch the leaves change color with this edition of News Nirvana!

Panasonic Tough IP Cordless Lineup

Panasonic is ready to unveil its two new cordless tools—the 18V cordless high torque impact wrench and the 14.4V cordless multi impact and drill driver. Powered by Panasonic’s 4.2Ah Lithium Nickel high capacity batteries and protected by Panasonic’s unique GaurdION system, the patented twin hammer design delivers high power, battery safety and less vibration than other impact and torque power tools in its class.

Panasonic proves it's not all Televisions and Stereos
Panasonic proves it’s not all Televisions and Stereos

The high impact torque wrench is the lightest and smallest impact wrench in its class so you won’t get worn out screwing all of the storm doors and windows in place—even if seems like you’ve got hundreds to do. And with the multi impact and drill driver tool, you won’t have to carry around a variable speed drill, a hex change impact or a square drive impact wrench because it takes the place of all three tools with this one clever tool.

Ok, so you probably won’t be using these commercial grade assembly tools set for day-to-day home improvement chores. But if you’re looking for a well-built day-to-day construction or assembly drill driver, you may want to take a look at the Panasonic assembly tool website for more information on these new powerhouse cordless power tools.

Metabo 5.2 Ah Battery System

Crazy exploding light beams not included
Crazy exploding light beams not included

If you’ve never heard of Metabo tools, then you should know the name Metabo is German for “metal-destroying,” and if you’ve ever seen a Metabo tool in action, than you know that most of their tools eat metal for breakfast, lunch and dinner – not to mention wood, plastic, ceramics and just about any other construction grade materials that get in their way. Take a look at the Metabo webpage and see for yourself just what these tools are really made of.

And with the advent of the world’s first 5.2 Ah battery pack, it makes the Metabo 18V cordless tool lineup all the sweeter. Throw in a three year unconditional money back guarantee, a powerful yet long lasting battery and you can rest assured that no matter how big the job is that lies ahead, you’re going to get it done in no time flat.

Milwaukee M18 Floodlight

It’s a light, it’s bright and it’s alright—the new M18 floodlight from Milwaukee sheds some light on all of your fall home improvement needs. From exploring the netherworld of your crawlspaces to pulling out all of the holiday decorations from the back of the attic, you can bet this handy little light will make sure you can see as plain as day.

Hang holiday decorations into the wee hours of the night
Hang holiday decorations into the wee hours of the night

With over 1,100 lumens, a weight of just 3.4 lbs. and the ability to hang, sit or rest on a post, the Milwaukee M18 LED floodlight has what it takes to turn the darkness into light. It’s even a good thing to take along with you when the kids drag you around trick-or-treating. Learn more about this bright light right here at the Milwaukee website.

Win a Cruise with Nova Woodworking

This is what woodworking on a cruise ship looks like
This is what woodworking on a cruise ship looks like

What goes together better than peas and carrots? Woodturning on a cruise ship! And you can do it all for free if you enter for your chance to win a woodturning cruise from Nova. One lucky winner and a friend will take a plane to get on a cruise ship for a one-of-a-kind woodturning cruise along Norway’s beautiful fjords and to the Arctic Circle, in August 2014 sponsored by Teknatool/Nova. Second prize is Nova Comet II 12” lathe valued at more than $500, while third place prize is $250 worth of Nova swag.

Entering is easy and doesn’t cost a dime. Just visit the Teknatool website here and fill out the entry form for your chance to win.  What better way to learn the secrets of turning wood than by taking a woodturning cruise!

WORX LeafPro Universal Collection System

Raking leaves is a bad enough job, let alone piling it up and putting it into a garbage bag or can. And thanks to the WORX LeafPro universal collection system, you can easily say that getting rid of the leaves sucks, but that’s what makes it easy. Whether you own one of the WORX TRIVAC blower/mulcher/vacs or you own a different brand of leaf removal tools, the WORX LeafPro will work for you and your leaf eater with its universal design.

Sucking leaves at 210 mph never felt so good, or was so easy. This little machine hooks up snugly to your garbage can for easy yard waste debris removal without all of the backbreaking work of a rake and pair of gloves. And because it breaks the materials down into fine mulch that’s perfect for your garden, you won’t necessarily have to send it all off to the landfill. Priced at $39.99, this lawn care accessory just might save you time as well as your back. Find it the LeafPro at the WORX website or where other WORX products are sold.

Klein Goes High-Tech

Klein storage for your techy stuff

The Tradesman Pro™ Tech Backpack (Cat. No. 55456BPL) and Tradesman Pro™ Tech Bag (Cat. No. 55455M) are designed for professionals that need to carry a laptop or tablet to the jobsite. Both bags have a separate compartment to keep laptops protected from other tools. There is also storage for adapters and cables as well as an organizer pocket for pens, phones, cables, and more.

The idea with these water resistant bags is to enable the tradesman to carry both your digital tools (laptop, tablet, etc) with your other tools. Klein’s Tradesman Pro line is also launching a couple smartphone and meter carrying cases. So, if you’re looking to store or transport more of your tech gear and tools, check out Klein’s tech-centric Tradesman Pro gear this fall.

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