Mountain Laurel Handrails

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handrailsI’m not even sure where to even begin with this; I am completely awestruck by these handrails. For most of us schlubbs, we are surrounded by your average everyday balusters. Perhaps you’re a little more artsy-fartsy and your balusters have some kind of turned detail to it, or you forwent the traditional balusters altogether and used cable or conduit or fishing line (hope you used high test). Could any of these alternatives even begin to compare to what the folks over at Mountain Laurel Handrails are doing? I don’t think so!

Mountain Laurel Handrails designs rails for both interior and exterior applications, and we think they all look pretty awesome. The railing is made in sections and shipped ready to be installed so there is theoretically little work that needs to be done once it gets to your house, hunting lodge or rustic countryside estate. All you have to do is fit and screw (keep it clean fellas, and ladies). They are custom made to make life even simpler for you. That means that you can get an curve or a short piece or an angled piece to fit your deck or stairs.

Mountain Laurel Handrails
Say goodbye to ordinary looking handrails and balusters
There are a number of options when it comes to the top and bottom rails depending on the wood you would like to use and the area you are going to use it in. For example, if you’re using the railing outside you might want to use cedar or perhaps teak. Interior designs can use pine.

The money pieces are the balusters, uprights or branches, whatever you prefer to call them exactly. They are made of either rhododendron branches or, drumroll please, mountain laurel. The branches are woven among each other and integrated into the top and bottom rails. Mountain laurels are naturally curved to make these masterpieces of handrails as organic looking as possible.

The rails and branches can be painted or stained to your specs, or if you prefer, they can be left to weather naturally and develop a nice silver gray patina. And, according to Mountain Laurel Handrails, with spacing less than 4 inches and weight resistance of over 50 pounds, they meet most building requirements. We’d recommend you check-in with your local inspector and with Mountain Laurel ahead of time just to avoid any unpleasant surprises during inspection. Plus Mountain Laurel Handrails ships nationally and even installs if you live within 2 hours of Franklin, North Carolina.

These rails could be beautiful additions to your home, if the price is right! Actually, to get a price you will have to contact them to get a quote since this is all custom work. Can you imagine the look of the Johnsons next door when they see these going in? Oh, and if you don’t need a full railing take a gander at some of their other products. More details on the handrails are available from the Mountain Laurel website.

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  1. I’ve seen similar handrails years ago when I used to work in BigBear, CA. Don’t know if it was the same company but they look awesome !!!


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