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Welcome to the summer solstice edition of News Nirvana! With the longest day of the year coming up on June 21st, what better way to celebrate the summer solstice than with a handful of new tools and accessories from DeWalt, Metabo, SureFire, Klein and Festool? Go outdoors and enjoy the longest day of the year and create your own awesome DIY project, because for most of us, summer is all too short. Read on for the latest gear for your summer shopping list.

DeWalt LED’s

Let it be the light of your life
Let it be the light of your life

DeWalt is starting the summer with a bang with new stuff coming out this month and next. Light up your workspace with the 20V MAX LED Area Light. It features a rubber over-mold that provides protection as well as a solid grip for this cordless handheld LED light. It boasts two powerful brightness settings of 500/250 lumens that can shine for up to 17 hours – not that anyone would want to stay in a crawlspace for that long! You can get the DCL050 with the standard DeWalt three year limited warranty, one year free service contract and a 90 day money back guarantee for only $69 at a DeWalt retailer near you.

Lots of light--not a lot of heat
Lots of light – not a lot of heat

If you’re looking for the power of a halogen light without the intense, barbecue-like heat, look no further than the new DeWalt LED Area Lights with 18V/20V MAX Multi-Port Battery interface. Ideal for those contractors who like to explore the dark attics, basements and crawlspaces of a house, both the DCL060 and the DCL061 supply 1,500 lumens of light where you need it most, all without creating sweat lodge in the process. The DCL061 can run on an 18V lithium ion and NiCad, as well as both a 20V MAX lithium ion or an AC/DC power cord (not the band). Both LED lights will be out in stores this month and retail for $119 and $99.

DeWalt Charging Station and New Battery Packs

Plugs galore
Plugs galore

Coming this July to a DeWalt retailer near you, the new 12V MAX/20V MAX Jobsite Charging Station with Dual USB Ports is ready to take your jobsite to the next level of production. The DCB102 provides a slick charging station for DeWalt’s 12V MAX and 20V MAX batteries, as well as two USB powered devices, like mobile phones, tablets, MP3 players or that usb powered mini-fan you’ve always wanted on the job. The charge rate on the DCB102 allows everyone to quickly recharge their DeWalt lithium ion batteries and USB powered devices without fighting over charging ports. And, with the launch of the newly redesigned 12V MAX, 20V MAX and 20V MAX 5.0 Ah battery packs available this July, you’ll have plenty of charging space for DeWalt’s newly upgraded battery packs.

“We see many professionals in the field who use a variety of DeWalt batteries and a number of different USB devices,” says Sharmela Budhu, Product Manager for DeWalt. “The DCB102 allows users to charge multiple devices at the same time in one compact and convenient unit.” Retail on this handy charging station is expected to be around $119.

Metabo SSW 18 LTX 400 BL Brushless Impact Wrench

The mighty Metabo Impact Wrench
The mighty Metabo Impact Wrench

When comparing the size of the tool against its power ratio – this tool is certainly impressive. Weighing in at just 4.2 pounds with its powerful 5.2 Ah battery pack, it’s easy to work with in tight spaces and it won’t wear out your arm in the process. Yet it produces a whopping 295 ft. lbs. of torque, so hang on tight! Throw out your pneumatic impact wrench because with its variable 12 speed torque settings, you’ll be able to drive all sorts of bolts and nuts from small to large with ease (and without an air hose or power cord). Learn more about the Metabo SSW 18 LTX 400 BL Brushless Impact Wrench here:

More Info - via Metabo

SureFire Maximus Vision Variable-Output Headlamp

Go high-tech with this SureFire military grade headlamp
Go high-tech with this SureFire military-grade headlamp

Headlamps are great hands-free ways to explore the netherworld and maze of utilities called a crawlspace. They’re also not too shabby for finding your way to the garbage cans in the dark either. While many of these lights are weak, poorly built and battery hogs at best, the new rechargeable Maximus Vision Variable-Output Headlamp from SureFire is guaranteed to light the way without fail. In fact, it’s so powerful and well-built that it’s designated for medical use, industrial use and of course – for disposing of the occasional explosive ordinance – that’s right; this is military-grade hardware.

With features like 450 lumens of warm-colored light, a Breathe-o-Prene forehead pad and a flashing SOS beacon, this headlamp thrives in both indoor and outdoor spaces with style. Loftily-priced around $270, you can purchase this nifty headlamp at a SureFire retailer near you. Be sure to visit SureFire online to see all of their great military-grade products.

Festool Cooltainer

Get you Festool Cooltainer now before they're all gone!
Get you Festool Cooltainer now before they’re all gone!

Stay cool with a nice beverage this summer with the new Festool Cooltainer. On Father’s Day, Festool released its limited edition Festool Cooltainer to a Festool retailer near you. Based on the Festool SYS-4 Systainer, the special edition dark blue and green Cooltainer features a foam insert to help you keep your jobsite foods and beverages nice and chilly, even in the warm summer sun. Although the dark color seems like an odd choice for a cooler, it sure looks cool! Inside dimensions of 9″ x 9″ x 12″ provide plenty of room for all of your summertime essentials. Just add the ice and beer for the perfect beginning to your DIY summer. But you’d better get one soon, supplies are limited and once they’re gone; they’re gone for good.

Klein Journeyman Gloves

Keep your digits safe and sound
Keep your digits safe and sound

With safety equipment like glasses, hard hats and hearing protection, you know you’re protecting your vitals, but more often than not, your hands are left to their own devices. Gloves are the best way to protect your digits from the rigors of a hard days work, but when it comes to work gloves, handling smaller materials can be difficult at best. That’s where the new set of Klein Journeyman Gloves come to the rescue. Six washable models ensure that no matter what the task (or weather outside) you’re going to be well protected from wear and tear on some of your more sensitive extremities, plus, you’ll actually be able to grab nails and screws without removing your gloves each time. Whether you need a more flexible glove, a breathable glove or a reinforced leather glove, Klein has the right pair of gloves to fit your work style with perfection. The Klein Journeyman Gloves are modestly-priced around $20/pair.

More Info - via Klein

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