Paint Station And Can Holster – Coming Soon To A Ladder Near You, Maybe!

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paint station

Painting is one DIY task that pretty much anyone can take on. A fresh coat of paint can brighten up a room, make it seem bigger, or help you descend into your tranquil, happy place at the end of a hard DIY day. And while anyone can do it, if you want to end up with a better job, it’s good to seek the advice of those who have gone before. Good technique is only half the battle, though; having the right tools can make a huge difference in your painting experience, and your ultimate result. We recently got wind of two new products that want to help you in your quest to outdo Michelangelo – the Paint Station and its trusty sidekick, Can Holster.

For me, the most challenging part of painting, aside from coming to terms with my wife’s color choice the prep work, is trying to balance a can of paint or a paint tray on the ladder. That, and the constant up and down to get a putty knife, or a roll of tape, or a bigger brush, or a smaller brush. Kevin Schmidt, CEO of 360 Products LLC, had many of the same complaints. Rather than just sitting around bitching about it, though, he actually went and DID something about it! In his quest to bring painting technology into the 21st century, he developed two products to enhance your painting adventures: the Paint Station and the Can Holster.

Tuning In To The Paint Station

Made of lightweight, high-impact plastic, Paint Station fits onto any stepladder in seconds. According to Mr. Schmidt, the all-in-one Paint Station makes any painting project easy. Simply Drop it in, Lock it in™ to your ladder. Once in place, Paint Station’s unique design provides a super secure spot for everything … from your wet brushes, to paint cans, roller trays and other assorted tools and supplies. Paint Station keeps all your tools in one place, and lets you limit the trips up and down the ladder for your “stuff.”

The roller tray, which accepts disposable liners, is nice and secure; no more trying to hook two little bendy tabs around a folding shelf. The tray is made of polypropylene, which is a non-stick plastic, and easy to clean. The Paint Station doesn’t even require a built-in folding shelf; it slides over the top of the ladder, and tightens into place. Here’s a quick demo of the Paint Station in action:

The Paint Station’s companion product, the Can Holster, is a great solution to the age-old question, “where can I set this *&^%$#@(*!* wet paintbrush while I go to the bathroom?!” The Can Holster is a simple design, and it’s simple to use. Just snap it over a one-gallon paint can to keep the rim free of paint, and park your wet brush in the holster. As a bonus, when the painting is finished, you won’t even have to wipe all the paint out of the rim! Here’s a quick demo of the Can Holster in action.

If You Act Now…

So how do you get a Paint Station and/or a Can Holster? The products are all developed and ready to go. Mr. Schmidt is trying, via the crowd-funding Kickstarter website, to raise the money to get it into production. Pledging at various levels will get you one of the very first Can Holsters and/or Paint Stations, once they start cranking them out in April. There’s a lot more info on his Kickstarter page, but the campaign will end March 16, 2015. Take a look, and if you like the product, take the pledge!

paint station

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8 thoughts on “Paint Station And Can Holster – Coming Soon To A Ladder Near You, Maybe!”

  1. I just heard from a company rep that they expect to do a production run in about two weeks. They said they will contact us when they have product in the warehouse, and we’ll pass the info along.

  2. Update: As of March 10, the inventor had canceled his Kickstarter campaign. He had set a pretty lofty goal, and the funding just wasn’t happening. Too bad; it seems like a decent product. Hopefully he’ll come up with another way to finance it and get it to market.


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