Pocketweez – When You’re Serious as a Heart Attack About the Need to Tweeze

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Scenario: I’m weeding my garden and as I brush a bug away from my face, feel a “man hair” growing out of my chin. (Damn, I’ll have to tend to that.) Moments later, an oversize thorn pierces my hand. (Man, that one went deep.) Before I even have a chance to regroup, a tick latches onto my backside. (This day just keeps getting better.) What’s a girl to do in a situation like this? There’s just one answer; if only I owned a handy Pocketweez

Because I gotta tell you, anything that can pull a buried, thorn out of the palm of my hand, remove a particularly, tenacious chin whisker and yank a tick out of my a$$ without missing a beat? Is A-OK in my book!

I mean, the ramifications of possessing a tool like this are astounding! I’ve just moved on with my gardening uninterrupted, cut down on my primp time in front of the vanity by easily 50% and almost, surely sidestepped a nasty case of Lyme disease! Come on…who doesn’t have a need for these tweezers?!?

Pocketweez is made of stainless steel and grips even stronger under pressure. It easily folds up to protect the tips, which are sharp enough to stab! I am in Heaven. (For all the guys out there, definitely make sure you fold it up before it goes into your pocket, ’cause your misters are not going to appreciate the stabbing ability nearly as much as I do.)

Need more convincing?

Justin Fink of Fine Home Building says he was able to pull out several slivers of metal from his hand with “zero fuss!”

And Chuck Cage of Tool Monger, (who happens to be accustomed to using medical grade tweezers) says these babies look, “about 50 times as sturdy.”

You can order the tweezers directly from the Pocketweez web site and at only $28.00, I’ll be the first to say they’re a must have for all your needs from hygiene and beauty to the wood or metal shop and garden.

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Liz is a professional, custom picture framer based in Central New York. She and her contractor husband are currently renovating their second home together. At the time of this writing, they are not on speaking terms. Her love of making stuff with wood and DIY home projects began by watching her Dad. (It was also around this time Liz's incessant use of "colorful language" took root.) She's an avid gardener, stellar cook and doesn't throw like a girl: an all-around rad chick.

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1 thought on “Pocketweez – When You’re Serious as a Heart Attack About the Need to Tweeze”

  1. $28. For. Tweezers. An *actual* surgical instrument could be had for around $25. A good Tweezerman is around $20. Granted – you can’t really keep full sized ones in your pocket, but to be honest, tweezers are way down on the list of stuff that gets a place in my pocket.


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