Sweet Free Plans – MacGyver Worthy Piano Tool Bench and Conversation Piece

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They say that necessity is the mother of invention. And while that may be true I contend, in at least this case, that ingenuity is the cranky old grandfather and boredom is the big papi! What you think you see is an old upright piano however, de de de de, it’s a covert work station with pegboard and cabinets. So I guess the guy was like, “Well I have this 800 lb. broken piano, and all my tools in this itty bitty apartment. How can I have the best of both worlds?” I’d personally love to see what he could do with a recliner and toilet! Truthfully, when I see things like this I want to ask the person who did it if they are interested in taking a look at that pesky cancer thing or our energy dependence. I gotta think there’s more problem solving in that mind. Regardless of the rest of this guy’s life work, his addition to society, the Stealth Piano, has earned him a place on my mantle next to Mr. Dewalt and Señorita Makita

To start, find a free or cheap piano which is actually easier then you may think. Check out Craigslist in your area. For example, even though I live in Delawhereware (the second smallest state in our beloved country) there are five in my state and at least another 40 nearby.

Inside the Covert Piano
Next, gut it out. He has some pretty crucial tips and ideas on how to do it, because piano strings breaking at the same time could lead to you losing your ability to play the piano. Once you’ve gotten the behemoth gutted, you’re pretty free to have at it and design your ultimate stealth piano work bench. Don’t let your imagination stop you at a work bench. If you live in an apartment like this guy does, you could place it against a shared wall and tunnel your way to the neighbors fridge, or make it into a covert gun safe like an action hero might have.

I’m trying to figure out how I can repurpose my banjo and accordion cases as mini-tool boxes now. Anyway, to see his sweet how-to stealth piano step by step with pictures, visit Instructables.

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