Rockler Can Cooler – For the Discriminating Beer Connoisseur Who Loves His Wood

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rockler-can-coolerAhhh, the can cooler. Does anything conjure images of summer as loud or clear? For all those who are truly discriminating when it comes to proper beer presentation and consumption, Rockler has the can cooler for you. Oh, you’re probably thinking, “Can coolers are a dime a dozen. What’s the big deal?” Well…  

Rockler, normally known for wood products, hand tools and power tools of all types has seriously branched out. Combining their expertise of all things wood, with the “special needs” of the beer connoisseur has resulted in the highly prized, Rockler Can Cooler.

Yeah, that’s right – a traditional, foam can cooler, but…made to look like real wood! Notice the beautiful grain; now that’s rich. Each can cooler has its own unique pattern – just like real wood! Once you’ve downed your third or seventh brew, I dare you to be able to distinguish this can cooler from one of authentic, lathe-turned oak! (At least, I think this is supposed to be oak…or pine…or…)If you’re one of those guys who gets as excited about his wood as an ice, cold beer, then these Rockler can coolers are for you.

You'd think these were made of solid oak.
As if pounding beer on a hot summer day isn’t dignified enough, Rockler has found a way to really class this activity up. Can coolers, (doesn’t anybody just call them “koozies” anymore?) are on sale for $1.99 apiece on Rockler’s website.

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