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Quick, what business boasts over five million new customers in the last two years and over 10 million satisfied customers total? No, not McDonalds, it’s Harbor Freight Tools! Some might argue Harbor Freight is in fact the McDonalds of the tool world. People have a pretty broad and intense range of opinions about Harbor Freight Tools. Harbor Freight is known for their incredibly cheap pricing on tools, whether you’re ordering through HarborFreight.com, or in person at one of their more than 350 stores nationwide. HomeFixated is taking Harbor Freight Tool’s infamous cheapness to a whole new level with some tips and tricks to scoring the best deals.

With over 7,000 tools in stock, Harbor Freight Tools is a bit of a mecca for the bargain hunting tool fiend. But what if getting a grinder that normally is close to a hundred bucks with a name brand for $14.99 just isn’t enough of a deal for you? Fear not, just follow some of these deal-lectable Harbor Freight coupon and deal-hunting strategies.

When you visit the Harbor Freight website, you’ll see a tab called “Get Savings.” This is your ticket to many of the deals. Clicking on the second item under that tab (conveniently labeled “Sale”) will lead you to the Harbor Freight Sale page, with discounts in the 35% to 60% off range. Or, just click here for the Harbor Freight Current Weekly Sale.

Harbor Freight Tools Clearance Sale: Up to 80% Off
Under the same “Get Savings” tab mentioned above, you’ll also find the “Clearance” section, where Harbor Freight dumps their clearance, overstock and probably just stuff they want to get out of the store, all at pretty substantial discounts. Click the image to the right to be directly transported to this magical place.

20% Off Super Coupon
Typically, you’ll find these in the print version of their retail flyer (described below in its online form). These Harbor Freight Coupons are typically for a single item and they do have some restrictions/fine print. If you’re headed to the store for a “big-ticket” item that’s not excluded in the coupon, rummaging around for a print coupon like this can save you some serious coin. Of course, if you’re buying a $6 tool, don’t expect to retire on the savings for the Harbor Freight 20% off coupon. Find an online list here – Harbor Freight Super Coupons: Save 30% to 60% Off!

Ongoing Harbor Freight Coupon Codes
For the most up to date Harbor Freight Coupon Codes, scroll down to the comments section below this article. We’ll regularly post coupon codes and special deals!

Harbor Freight Tools - Save 25% to 50% Off!

Online Retail Flyer
Chock full of tools you didn’t realize you can’t live without, the Harbor Freight Retail Flyer is available online, and usually packs about a million tools (and often their sale prices) into more than a dozen pages of impossibly cheap tools. Sometimes the retail flyer will also include a free item (like an LED flashlight for example). The freebies require a purchase, but often that purchase can just be a single item. Check the coupon for details.

Preferred Customer Opt-In
Opting-in to their Preferred Customer List promises to deliver even more Harbor Freight Coupons, Deals and Discounts (be sure to note the exclamation points here):

Free Online Monthly Savings Book!
Special Email Offers Packed with Super Coupons and Discounts!
Notices of Future Sales Events!
Plus Hundreds of Unadvertised Specials!

Harbor Freight Inside Track Club
Currently about $30 to join (which includes a $10 Gift Card), the Harbor Freight Inside Track Club promises even more deal-licious coupons and deals than the Preferred Customer. As Martha Stewart can probably attest to, it’s more lucrative to be an insider than a preferred customer. The Inside Track Club attempts to lure you with a savings opportunity of $5759/month. Not quite sure how they calculate that one, but if you’re saving over $5g’s a month at Harbor Freight, maybe it’s time to buy some heavier duty tools! Here’s what you get with the Inside Track Club:

Exclusive monthly Members Only savings offers with thousands of dollars of savings on over 150 items mailed to your door step
Weekly emails with Member Only offers
Early access to Harbor Freight’s famous parking lot sales – one hour before the general public
Members Only website

Print Mailers and Coupons
Similar to their retail flyer (and in some cases, just a portion of it), you can often find Harbor Freight Promotions in a one to four page print ad. Some recent editions of This Old House magazine have had them in the back pages. I also recently found one (that included a Harbor Freight 20% off coupon and a free product offer) in a batch of junk mail. Print promos are your friend!

Harbor Freight’s Twitter account is overflowing with deals, store announcements and more. Pick through the tweets @HarborFreight and you just might find a killer deal!

Yup, it’s a social media savings-fest we have going on here. Just like Harbor Freight on their Facebook page and you’re on your way to finding even more savings!

Harbor Freight Coupons via the Harbor Freight Blog
Need even more Harbor Freight Coupons and Coupon Codes? Drop by the Harbor Freight Blog where you’ll find them shamelessly blogging about all the additional deals to be had, usually on specific tools. They even include a little information on the tool so the ads kinda look like a blog entry.

What good is a tool deal if the tool fails to perform? HarborFreight has a pretty liberal return policy, and we’ve quoted a couple key items here for your reference. Since their terms may change, it’s probably safest to refer to their policies directly so you’re dealing with the most up to date info.

Harbor Freight Return Policy and Hand Tools Warranty

If for any reason you are not satisfied with any item purchased, you may return the insured product within 90 days for a full refund or replacement, whichever you prefer. Shipping and handling are non-refundable.

If you purchased an item through harborfreight.com, you can return it to any Harbor Freight store for an exchange or refund within 90 days of your purchase! Just bring the item and a copy of the order invoice and we will gladly exchange or refund the purchase, no questions asked. Buy it online—return it at the store—just one more way Harbor Freight is working to improve your customer experience!

Any generator returned for any reason after the 30 day satisfaction guarantee period will be subject to a 20% restocking charge and must be returned freight paid.

All returns require a Return Authorization Number before they can be returned to Harbor Freight Tools. Please contact Customer Service either by calling 1-800-444-3353 or by emailing cs@harborfreight.com to receive a Return Authorization Number. Please make sure to provide your name and invoice number and a brief description of the reason(s) for the return.

The Lifetime Harbor Freight Warranty on Hand Tools
We’re so sure you’re going to love the value you get with each and every one of our hand tools, we offer a Lifetime Hand Tool Warranty! You’ve got to be able to trust the hand tools you work with, and that’s why Harbor Freight’s lifetime tool warranty for hand tools gives you the peace of mind to go ahead and order all the hand tools you need from us.

Interestingly, the generator section references a 30 day satisfaction period and the first paragraph references 90 days.

While my personal philosophy is to always buy the best quality tools you can afford, sometimes that still means buying cheap tools from a retailer like Harbor Freight. And, Harbor Freight Tools can often be great for hunting down hard to find items. I also like the fact that, like a third-world open-air market, you just never know what random goodie you are going to find. In fact, a recent glance at some of their offerings included a radio control airplane, stainless steel cooking set, a night vision security camera, and a $60 vibrator (relax, it was a concrete vibrator).

Have any thoughts on Harbor Freight Tools, or any killer deal-hunting strategies for them? Any favorite or most-regretted purchases? If so, be sure to share them with us in the comments below! And don’t forget to check out our additional Harbor Freight coupon codes in the comments as well.

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10 thoughts on “HarborFreight.com Ultimate Deal Guide – Beyond Harbor Freight Tools Coupon Codes”

  1. Harbor Freight has a great brass spring-loaded punch! Now they’re also offering 25% off coupons at times on an item.

    They also have coupons for FREE items like flashlights, screwdrivers, tape measures, etc. I usually get these FREE items and then give them away to family, friends, Habitat for Humanity, etc.

    Everyone wins. Do your homework about what tools can and will work for you that they sell. They also have low cost clamps that get the job done. Maybe they’re not Jorgensens but how many people do woodworking as a profession?

  2. Just went to Lowes website. WD 40 by the gallon =$15.43. Maybe I’ll just use a plain squeeze spray bottle for the acetone…

  3. June 26, 2009 –I bought from HF, a Rechargeable Aerosol Spray Can Item 01102. Paid HF $4.99 — I like it for acetone for cleaning stuff (especially getting glue / paint residue off). I would like to get another one and use it for WD 40 or like lubricant. That stuff is getting too expensive in the store bought aerosol can. Hope to find such a lubricant in gallon not-aerosol can at economic price. Back to the issue. Went on eBay today and found the cheapest aerosol can is the one I have from HF; only they are asking $39.99 -same exact can. WOW. Should have invested in these things!!! So I went online searching for new ones like HF’s . HOly Smokes! Apparently they are in Very high demand or something. Come on manufacturers! Its just an empty aluminum can!

    • Looks like a cool concept and better than the various questionable gases that power many aerosol cans bought at retail. I have used a standard squirt bottle for a number of products including eco friendly lubricants and they usually do the job just fine. Good luck with the projects!

  4. Can’t beat their tool chest, heavy metal way thicker than a Craftsman and like 1/2 the price, and with a good sale you can get a nice sized on for under $400.

  5. Harbor Freight – Stuff – Nothing you need – but everything you want – it can be a mixed bag- for the non-precison tools. That you may never need ever again – it can be cheaper to buy (and then resell at a garage sale later) than renting. The tools that I count on. I go with a known brand. Quality control has dropped across the board on many products. It is funny – not necessarily a huge difference in manufacturing anymore. Many of the products being sold nowaday’s are all coming from the same place on the planet. Some of them even from the same factory. I know that some of the tools ( cordless power tools ) that Harbor freight is selling is either the subcontractor or uses the same subcontractor. Ryobi, Skil and Porter and Rockwell. Not knock off’s. China over the last 15 years has bought/stolen or reverse engienereed a lot of high-end quality manufacturing. The bought up a lot of our manufacturing equipment and know-how, they can forge metal on par and surpass Germany and US quality (if/when they want or need.) Obviously HF is not implementing this. You do have to watch prices. I can get better prices and quality on Sandpaper at blue or orange. the cavet does apply you normally get what you pay for at HF.

  6. HF is really good for the “short term” tools (sawzall blades), the “no moving parts” tools (putty knives) and the miscellaneous bulk items (zip ties and such)… stay away from the big tools unless you find a name brand item. cheap is cheap and sometimes that just isn’t good enough. no amount of discounts can fix that. especially any tool that requires some precision to build or use – a bandsaw for example. motor, frame, drive, all fine; blade guides mmmm not so much.

  7. I love Harbor Freight for certain things! I like to buy weird off the wall tools that I will never use. 2 examples: A snap ring plier set and a spot sand blaster I have had these for like 3 years and never opened them, I think I spent $20 on both. Its worth the $20 just to know I have them if the occasion ever arises that I need them.

    • Sweet! You have a sand blaster?! I can’t get too worked up about the snap ring plier set, but the sand blaster sounds awesome. There’s definitely a pleasure to those “just in case” tools!

  8. Considering the everyday low low prices they offer, it never occurred to me they’d have this many different ways to get discounts. May just be enough for me to try some short term use (i.e. disposable) tools. Thanks for the post.


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